Thank You and Dame Judi Dench!

We’ve really worked hard this year getting the meadow and wood ready for the spring and summer. So its a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers for putting in alot of time and effort doing this, many of which have come out multiple times. We still have work to do but for the moment its about recognising the hard work put in so far this year.

At the risk of missing out people, here are a few of these volunteers: Alistair, Mike, Nikki, Ness, Stuart, Dorothy, Emilly, Katja, Ruth, Elley, Moira, Sarah, Sally, James, Martin, John, Chiara, Alyssa.

Meadow Seed about to be sowed:

Corn Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas) 10.0%, Cornflower ( Centaurea Cyanus) 16.0%, Meadow Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris) 7.0%, Musk Mallow ( Malva Moschata) 1.0%, Ox Eye Daisy ( Leucanthemum Vulgare) 12.0%, Red Campion (Silene Dioica) 12.0%,Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) 12.0%, Salad Burnet (Sanguisorba Minor) 12.0%, Self heal ( Prunella vulgaris) 10.0%, White Campion ( Silene Alba) 3.0%, Yarrow, (Achillea Millefolium) 5.0%

We also planted some very nice Roses which will hopefully benefit both people and wildlife. One was named after Dame Judi Dench the actress of stage and screen. These roses are world renown for their fragence and with a price to match! But our land is about a sensory experience to those , especially kids, in this inner city Glasgow environment so we felt it worth paying the extra.

Here’s the full list as at todays date but more will be going in soon:

Brother Cadfael Rose by David Austin, Pink Blooms (Repeat) Old Rose Fragrance

Tess of The D’Urbervilles Rose by David Austin, Climber, Crimson Blooms , Old Rose Fragrance

Dame Judi Dench Rose by David Austin, Apricot Blooms (Repeat) Light – Medium Tea Scent

The Generous Gardener Rose by David Austin, Climber, Palest Pink Blooms, Musky Old Rose Scent.

Graham Thomas Rose by David Austin, Climber, Large rich Yellow Blooms, Tea Fragrance Voted the World’s Favourite Rose

The Lady of the Lake Rose by David Austin, Rambler, With Golden Stamens Sprays of pretty semi-double, blush pink Flowers (Repeat).

A Shropshire Lad Rose by David Austin Climber Large Rosette with delicious fruity fragrence. June until first frosts. Strong myrth fragrance. (Repeat)

Strawberry Hill Rose by David Austin Climber Pure rose – pink cupped rosette. Strong , delicious myrrh fragrence.  (Repeat)

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Your invitation: Winter pruning of the Orchard trees. Sunday 24th March 2019 at 2pm.

The orchard trees need a prune before their growth starts in the spring .

Here’s a few points to consider when pruning:
  • The Orchard strategy is to make sure the trees don’t get so tall someone would need a step ladder to pick the fruit with. The trees were bought and not planted from seed which helps.
  • Also last year a few of the fruit branches were a bit low to the ground. As once they had fruit the weight had a few of them touch the ground. So thats something to think about. Low though is good for kids, just not too low.
  • Look out for disease as you prune and if encountered clean the pruning blade before moving onto the next tree. Indeed cleaning the blade often while pruning is good practice. So far (touch wood!) we have been disease free.
  • At the last Orchard Workshop we were told our trees are mature enough not to need mulch ie wood chip. As they are way higher than the surrounding grass. Some compost / farm manure around the base would help each spring. But if we decide on the day to put some woodchip down around a few it’s not a problem.

Its a great way to learn about nature and how trees grow. Before you know it you’ve been outside in nature all afternoon and helped a community. Perhaps you’ll see a kid go up to one of the apple trees in July and pick their first apple off a tree!

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Your invitation: Meadow creation session Sunday 3rd March 2019 between 2 – 4pm.

Come help the land, your community and wildlife by creating more meadow on Sunday 3rd March 2019. We’ll supply the spades, tea, coffee and biscuits. All free.

Learn and be a part of meadow creation within an inner city environment.

Come for as short or long a session as you like.

We’ll have bird seed to fill the feeders which is an ideal one for the families to help with.

Children are the responsibly of their Parents or Guardians at all times.

Location: North Kelvin Meadow.

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Your invitation: Bird feeding and meadow creation session. Sundays 17th and 24th of February 2019 between 2 – 4pm.


Come along on Sundays 17th and 24th February 2019, between 2-4pm to a community event which will :

  1. Help you fill up our numerous Bird Feeders. We’ll supply the bird feed and your job is to find and fill the feeders (they are scattered throughout the land).
  2. We’ll also have some meadow creation work you can get involved with if your up for that. This involves you using a spade and turning over the turf in certain parts of the meadow.

Do one or both activities.

Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardian.

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New Years resolution?

Would you like to help maintain a Meadow and Wood?

If so please do email and let us know.

Everything you do to help the land matters to us.

If none of our current volunteering opportunities appeal to you, or you only have a small amount of time to give, then there are other ways you can support the land. This kind of volunteering can fit around a busy life.

Are you interested in some of these topics:

Planting flowers, growing vegetables, composting, general maintenance, bats, honey bees, bumblee bees, butterflies, trees, birds, meadow grass and flowers, orchard, litter, dogs, fixing fencing, funding, etc?

We also have a Raised Bed Allotment, each is rented by an individual or family for £5 per year. We also have our community raised beds too. So if growing vegetables and fruit is your New Year’s reolution you know where to come to!


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Council Map needs updating.

Glasgow City Council has a map called the “Open Space Map” that categorises all land within the City. Any Planning Application coming in would refer to this.  The North Kelvin Meadow and Children Wood is currently mapped as:

“6.51 Sports Areas – Playing Field”.

This is incorrect and we need YOU to ask them to re map it as:

“6.71 Natural / Semi Natural Greenspace – Woodland”.

They have a public consultation and questionnaire for us to complete, deadline is 10thDec 2018.

Be sure to quote “Ref number SAPF388 North Kelvin Meadow” when completing the questionnaire.  Any questions then email:

Anyone from anywhere can complete the Council questionnaire.

To start the questionnaire click or copy Council link below:

At the bottom of the page click Next Page. (If you like, you can see the actual map by clicking on “Open Space Map” in their covering letter and searching on Clouston Street, then drag map to where our land is. The colour legend is a drop down box at top right of map or click on the land for it to come up with the category).

You’ll be asked to provide some details like your name, address and email.

Click Next Page.

Q3.Which document does your comments relate to?

On the drop down menu click “Open Space Map”(near the end)

Q4. Which part of the document does your comment relate to?

Insert “Ref number SAPF388 North Kelvin Meadow on the Open Space Map”

Q5. What is you comment?

Here’s some points you can copy and paste or make up your own:

A). There are 500+ mature trees being over 30 feet in height on the land. Below the trees is a woodland understory of natural plants, fungi and growth. There is also a wild grass and flower meadow in the open areas. It looks like a Natural / Semi Natural Greenspace – Woodland, and so should be categorised as such.

B). As well as looking like a Woodland it is being used as one. Local nursery groups and schools regularly use it. There are Forest School sessions and a host of other natural greenspace educational and play sessions. It attracts many users because of what it is such as the National Theatre for Scotland – The Reason I Jump play.  Dog walkers, people having picnics and many others use it as a woodland and meadow area on a daily basis. There are two tree houses, 30 raised beds plus 5 community raised beds for growing vegetables and fruit, an extensive Orchard, 5 compost bins, two honey bee hives, Bumblebee homes, a kids mud kitchen, two benches etc.  However its use is not just about people. It’s being used for wildlife and forms an important haven and natural stepping stone for wildlife throughout the city.

C). It’s not being used or managed as a sport pitch and hasn’t been for a very long time so shouldn’t be categorised as such.

D). In 1993 the Council took away the goal posts. And in 1995 they formally said they wouldn’t upkeep it as a sports pitch and that the land was surplus to their requirements. In August 2011 the land formed part of the new extended West End Conservation area, which for example means all mature trees are protected. In December 2012 there was overwhelming support by the public to the Council Consultation regarding rezoning North Kelvin Meadow as Greenpeace, Proposal Number: prop0066, also under ref H023. This included updating the Open Space Map. This formed part of City Plan 2 via the Main Issue Report at that time.

In December 2016 the Scottish Government overturned Glasgow City Council decision to sell the land for housing. This follows both Government appointed Reporters Mr Timothy Brian (report under Martin Seddon name, Ref H023 Issue 26 Page 292-306) and later Mr Cunliffe that concluded it shouldn’t be sold off for housing and shouldn’t be zoned for future housing. Their reasoning was based, on it not being a sport pitch, but because the land was a community greenspace and woodland.

In summary the Council hasn’t managed it as a sports pitch for 23 years, it can’t be reverted to a sports pitch as it’s in the Conservation Zone and it can’t be sold off for housing. The obvious, and it has to be said a decade or two long overdue, conclusion is that it should be mapped as what is there and being used as, which is Natural / Semi Natural Greenspace – Woodland.

E). After such a long time that the local community has campaigned and managed this land, plus the backing of the Scottish Government, all of which are agreed that it’s a natural community greenspace and woodland its unacceptable for Glasgow City Council not to finally update its Open Space Map.

F). Name should be changed to North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood.

Q6. Would you like to make another comment or comment on anther document?


About You– complete the questions. This information is for analysis and equalities monitoring purposes only. No individual will be identified as part of any reporting.

Thanks for doing this. Please ask others to complete, along with your MSP, MP, Councillors and any local groups and Community Councils you know of. 

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We need  YOUR  VOTE  so we can get some much needed funding.

All you have to do is “Register to vote” on link below (don’t worry, its easy and quick).

Then look up our project “North Kelvin Meadow” in their Search Projects Titles box.

Click on our photo. And vote for us 10 times by pressing the + button.  That’s it!

Please spread the message.  Deadline is 20th November 2018.

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