Vacancy – Beekeeper role.


We require an expereinced Beekeeper to manage up to 3 honey bee hives but who is also community minded and child friendly. 


In the Beedookit which is on the North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood at Kelbourne street, West End Glasgow. The Beedookit is the metal and wood structure which the hives are located in. The structure has a see through perspex roof on it so the beekeeper can do their work in the dry. There is also room to store beekeeping material within the structure. 


The Children Wood (TCW) is a registered charity and has a 25 year lease to this land. The Beedookit, the hives, bees and equipment are the property of TCW. 

Role details:  

  1. A traditional beekeeper role, where one mange’s the bees, the hives and produce jars of honey each year. 
  2. A community minded role, where they help the community understand bees and nature in general. This would result in for example being part of some community events each year. For clarity in numbers its best to state we’d expect 4 events per year that the beekeeper should be involved in. We also have people interested in learning more about bees and helping the beekeeper out occasionally in manging the hives.  
  3. The person should be child friendly and beable to help children learn about bees in a safe and fun manner. This may involve occasionally having children at the hives with bee suits on, watching and maybe helping the beekeeper. 


The role is per calendar year in duration. With the option of renewing the role for the following year and so on, should both the Beekeeper and TCW agree to that.  

Remuneration: Nil as this is a volunteering role, but you’ll get that feel good feeling of helping this community and especially the children connect, learn and benefit from the bees and the natural World. You also get the benefit and satisfaction of managing up to 3 hives. 75% of the honey goes to the beekeeper, 25% to TCW. 

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