Chatting over the Raised Beds

Poppies growing on the Meadow  


In the Children’s Wood. Family Event May 2012


Kids playing in the Children’s Wood May 2012

Helleborine Orchid. We believe this could be one of largest Orchid sites in Glasgow and their all wild! October 2011 

Dactylorhiza Orchid seed pods October 2011

Red Bartisia. Parastic Meadow Plant that feeds on grasses. Very important to have  on a Meadow as it keeps the grass in check and so allows all the flowers to grow. Oct 2011

The land belongs to Glasgow City Council, but at the moment they are not looking.

BEFORE Clean Up: Historically, the land has been very badly neglected by Glasgow City Council.
Instead, it's being used as a dumping ground - and this has been the case for over three decades.

BEFORE Clean Up: The Council allowed it to be used as a dumping ground…

A disused shed had become a drugs den littered with used needles and broken bottles

BEFORE Clean Up: … and a disused shed became a drugs den littered with used needles and broken bottles.

AFTER: new shutters and a coat of paint inside and out. What a difference!

AFTER: Brick shed now renovated for the Community use. Pity about the eviction notice on the shed door from Glasgow City Council ! Getting this cleaned up with doors on it made a very big difference to how people saw the Land.

Local people formed the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign and cleaned the land up.

Disgusted by the state the land was in, local people came together to form the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign and clean it up.

Local people came together to form the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign and cleaned the land up - the first clean-up produced 60 bags of rubbish.

The first clean-up produced 60 bags of rubbish!

A green space was created

AFTER Clean Up: The land was turned into a community-run multi-use green space for the people of Maryhill. “Pirate” kids beginning to understand where their fresh veg comes from!

Local people planted flowers and vegetables on the land

AFTER Clean Up: Some local people planted flowers and veg on the land. Their are about 25 Raised Beds. Plus a large Community Raised bed too. Although visible, the land use is about much more than growing some vegetables.

Produce was produced...

AFTER Clean Up: Produce was produced…

Earth Ball – October 2011

Glittering Wood-Moss (huge variety of mosses) October 2011

The North Kelvin Green Space Community Initiative wants to look after the land and turn it into a multi-use green space for the people of Maryhill. Please support us.

Now Glasgow City Council wants to sell the land, which has never had building on it, to a developer. The Council has taken two members of the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign to court for improving their local environment – in direct contravention of its own policies as outlined in City Plan 2. Please support us and help us to keep this land as a green resource for local people.

15 Responses to Pictures

  1. This is a sad indictment on a City Council which is already facing a budget deficit of £99 million, not having the foresight to realise that its basically getting a free lunch, from the very people who already pay the wages and expenses of Glasgow City Council. A recent Central government proclamation declared that westminster wanted to encourage people to grow more of their own food, what sign is this legal action giving out to people. Instead of realising the potential saving to the city in the short term alone, it chooses to throw away money in legal expenses against a community initiative which seems to be costing it no money. Is this logic, I do not think so. Good luck

  2. David Liddle says:

    Good luck – change of use after 25 years lying vacant for over 25 years – obviously public space.

    Glasgow may have already flogged off it’s common good land but it is time we all stood up to these vandals.

  3. Kirsty Craig says:

    The meadow is beautiful and it’s even nicer when it’s sunny (like today).Some of the residents plant flowers and vegetables and they are doing great! The council has made enough flats already – and it’s the credit crunch! Councils should think about the other people! Good luck YOU should win!

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  5. Marshal Jim Duncan says:

    The Environment v.s. Hard Cash.

    That’s the basic decision facing the council, and which one do they take? Says it all.

  6. Steven says:

    Keep fighting!! What happened to government for the people by the people! These people strive for public involvement, here they have it on a plate!

  7. Brian McCluskey says:

    I think what you are doing is fantastic and I support you wholeheartedly. I will make a point of coming along to your next event.

  8. Lynnie Carson says:

    Hi I’m a musician & Mingarry St resident and wondered if we could perhaps do something in the meadow for the West End Festival to help raise funds and awareness about what is happening. A purely organic, acoustic, unplugged gig of sorts with singing, dancing, poetry, soft drinks, sandwiches etc etc I’d be up for a meeting of minds to see if we could get this off the ground if anyone is interested?

  9. Kate Wooding says:

    Hi Lynnie

    That sounds very similar to the Big Lunch party that we had last year, and I think we’d be up for doing it again! Sunday 18th July, more info here:

    Would you be interested in helping?


  10. emma reynolds says:

    with all the changes in the planning system you should be able to get it declared a village green or something…. get the area designated as a ‘neighbourhood’, produce a ‘neighburhood plan’ that includes keeping the green space , get 3 people to sign it and it should be sorted!

  11. Craig Williams says:

    Great initiative! The Council and neighbours need to be made aware of the financial value of keeping this as a QUALITY green space: increasing value of neighbouring property benefits to health and well being, avoiding flooding…etc. Good luck, you’ve doing great.

  12. Really inspiring work!

  13. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow! my heart lept when i saw the pictures on this site – a diamond in the rough. We need to save this beautiful place for future generations and to stand up to these large building contractors who are slowly squeezing the life out of our ever depleting green spaces. It’s not just about people but about the important plant species and wildlife too.

  14. michael larkin says:

    I was a pupil at St. Charles’ and even though it wasn’t in the great state of today, the area was still a major factor in my childhood. How can officials complain about youngsters hanging around the streets, when they keep taking away all their potential play areas? It’s a sheer disgrace. I for one, will be doing what I can to stop this planned development.

  15. Joe Price says:

    Keep Up The Good Work, It Will Be Criminal if we Lose this Woodland. Wee Joe.

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