Your invitation: Winter pruning of the Orchard trees. Sunday 24th March 2019 at 2pm.

The orchard trees need a prune before their growth starts in the spring .

Here’s a few points to consider when pruning:
  • The Orchard strategy is to make sure the trees don’t get so tall someone would need a step ladder to pick the fruit with. The trees were bought and not planted from seed which helps.
  • Also last year a few of the fruit branches were a bit low to the ground. As once they had fruit the weight had a few of them touch the ground. So thats something to think about. Low though is good for kids, just not too low.
  • Look out for disease as you prune and if encountered clean the pruning blade before moving onto the next tree. Indeed cleaning the blade often while pruning is good practice. So far (touch wood!) we have been disease free.
  • At the last Orchard Workshop we were told our trees are mature enough not to need mulch ie wood chip. As they are way higher than the surrounding grass. Some compost / farm manure around the base would help each spring. But if we decide on the day to put some woodchip down around a few it’s not a problem.

Its a great way to learn about nature and how trees grow. Before you know it you’ve been outside in nature all afternoon and helped a community. Perhaps you’ll see a kid go up to one of the apple trees in July and pick their first apple off a tree!

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