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Posted 22nd June 2016

There are basically two government appointed people (the role is called a Reporter) coming to a conclusion on whether the land should be sold for housing or saved. We’ve been informed today that the first one has concluded that the land should NOT be sold for housing. We’ve waited a very long time for this and it’s a great result! So well done all that have been campaigning and helping the land over the years. Some background on this decision: Glasgow City Council proposed a new City Development Plan (which all planning applications refer to) back in 2012, and loads of us objected to them labeling the land for housing. The Scottish Government appointed a Reporter to decide on those areas the public wanted something very different from the Council. Today the Reporter sided with you the people🙂

Ok lets get some context on this. Yesterday the second Reporter that’s been appointed said they would be having a public hearing and we will be heard at that in due course. That is to determine the planning application from New City Vision Ltd. The decision today is based what the land should be labeled as in the forthcoming City Development Plan. In short you’d expect both Reporters to come to the same conclusion, as they both will be looking at the same facts. But ofcourse lets not count our chickens just yet!🙂 We and others will be making as strong a case as ever at the forthcoming hearing. If you’d like to get involved with any aspect of managing the land or the campaign then do email in and let us know, we still need all the help we can get. But this goes down as a great landmark day!

Overall conclusions (copied from Government document and available on Council website)

I recognise that the development of this site for housing would make a contribution towards meeting the shortfall in the provision of land for new housing in the City, which we have identified as a deficiency in the Proposed Plan in Issue 17. However, the land at Clouston Street is a highly valued open space which is well used and maintained by the local community, and which should continue to be safeguarded for that purpose. Its development for housing would be in conflict with planning policies which seek to protect such areas. I have therefore decided to modify the Proposed Plan by deleting Housing Proposal H023.

Since the Proposed Plan does not designate open spaces I am unable to formally designate the site as an open space. It will be a matter for the council to reflect the outcome of this examination in its review of its Open Space Map, and in its Open Space Strategy (see Issue 6).

Reporter’s recommendations:

Modify the Proposed Plan by deleting Housing Proposal H023.


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Awaiting “Call In” decision.

Timeline of recent and forthcoming dates:

9th March 2016     – Scottish Government “ Calls In ” New City Vision Ltd planning application *

4th April 2016        – Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) receives application and will appoint a Reporter to write a report of recommendation to the Scottish Government.

27th Jun 2016        – Target Date for DPEA to have finished their report.

To be announced – Scottish Government Minister decides.

* “ The Scottish Minister have given this Direction in view of the proposed development’s potential loss of valued open / green space and possible conflict with Scottish Planning Policies and development policies. ”

We’re expecting Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities & Pensioners’ Rights will be the Minister that makes the decision.

In the meantime we continue to manage this land as we have for many years. Do let us know things you like and want more of and things you don’t.

The local community around the land has built up a good level of experience on how the land operates. So the message is;  if you feel there is anti social behaviour happening on the land then call the Police on 101 or in an emergency 999. They will come and sort it out. 

There is only “us” as the Council won’t come on the land. So thanks to all for cleaning up after themselves when having picnics etc. And especially a BIG THANKS to all those that clean up any items that are missed.

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Not since 1892 and Thunderclap.

When was the last time an area of 1.4 hectares of wood and meadow was created this close to Glasgow City Centre? The answer appears to be not since 1892, some 124 years ago!

There has been community gardens, resident gardens and allotments created but nothing like what we have here. We call the land a meadow and wood as that what it looks like and is used as. Here’s a list of nearby parks and when they were created: Ruchill Park 1892, Springburn Park 1892, Victoria Park 1886, Alexandra Park 1870 and Botanic Gardens 1817.

Why such a long time? Property developers and those that sell the land to them make alot of money from building on these pockets of land.

Lets make history and not let them get this piece!

Please sign and get 5 others you know to sign the petition. Thanks.

After the recent decision by Glasgow City Council Planning Committee, our emphasis has now changed. It’s now about persuading the Scottish Government to “call in” and reject the plans to build 90 residences on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood by signing the petition.

The Scottish Ministers that will be making the decision are Alex Neil and Marco Biagi. This means our local MSP Sandra White is key to getting them to make the right decision and throw NCV Ltd planning application out.


If your on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr then click on link below so we all put out a message at the same time i.e. a thunderclap and so get the petition noticed and a few more signatories. The message goes out on 29th February at 10am so obviously we need you to register before then.

What is Thunderclap?
Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an “online flash mob.” Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr that cannot be ignored.

What exactly am I agreeing to when I authorize my Facebook or Twitter account?
You’re allowing Thunderclap to share a single message on your behalf. This is only the case when you click the button on the campaign page to support with Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. After the campaign is complete, we won’t post any additional messages.

Will you only post to my account, or to my friends’ accounts as well?
Just your feed. We won’t spam your friends; that wouldn’t be nice.


Any questions or you want to be added to the email list , or help out, then email :


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Please sign the new petition thats asks the Scottish Government to call in and reject New City Vision Ltd Planning application.

Help us to persuade the Scottish Government to ‘call in’ and reject the plans to build 90 residences on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood by signing our petition

Once signed please do circulate it amongst your friends, families, clubs and other groups. We need alot!!!

There are many reasons they should, but one of them is Glasgow City Council (GCC) hasn’t followed Scottish Government planning policy. Heres an extract below which clearly shows where GCC has departed on this occasion;

Scottish Government’s Planning Advice Note 65: Planning and Open Space:

“The future growth of settlements and the need to find sustainable locations for housing and economic development will have implications for open space. Scottish Planning Policy 17: Planning for Transport supports higher densities in locations that are most accessible by walking, cycling and public transport. This should not lead to a loss of amenity and will place greater emphasis on the need for a well-distributed, well-connected and accessible supply of quality open space.”

The important part of this planning guidance from the Scottish Government to Councils on how they should approach conflicts between open space and new developments is the phase “This should not lead to a loss of amenity.”.

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We need you – the morning of Tuesday 26th January 2016

Please come out to show support when the Council’s Planning Committee come to make a site visit at approx 9.45am on Tuesday 26th January 2016 . They will come and leave by bus, parking at the Kelbourne street entrance to the land.

Also please come to a demo straight after, outside the City Chambers on George Square as the Planning Committee meet inside at 11.30am to discuss whether the land be sold off to New City Vision Ltd to build 90 houses. They will also decide on The Children Wood Group’s planning application which is wanting to keep the land as it is , a wild green space for community use.

Ian Black will be making the presentation at the hearing on behalf of North Kelvin Meadow. Ian lives on Sanda Street and was actually the person who organised the orginal planting of trees and grass back in 1994. The wood and meadow we see today comes from that initial seed source. They were spurned on to do that by the Council taking away the goal posts in 1993 as they didn’t want to maintain it as a sports pitch.

Needless to say this is a crucial time for the land and its future. We feel over this last 8 years in particular (North Kelvin Meadow started in Oct 2008) we’ve made a very strong case for the land to remain as it is and not get destoyed. Council and Government policy backs that up but alas sometimes Councils don’t follow their own policy!

Thats why we need you out that morning, to show your support so we win this planning committee vote. There will be A3 posters given out on the day for you to hold up should you wish.

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Even though mother nature does most of the work on the land regarding the growing etc there is always a few items we have to do to maintain the land.

In no particular order here a few that people have been doing:

  1. Rebuilt from scratch 4 new Raised Beds. The original wood had rotten through as it was now some 6 years old.
  2. Rebuilt the entrance to Compost number 1 as the wood had rotten.
  3. Painted the brick shed.
  4. Cleared the main path running through the centre of the meadow of mud and leaves. We’ve kept the puddles as the young kids love to play in them! The circle path will be cleared in the coming week or so. ( broke a few brooms in the process!).
  5. Replaced a welcome sign that was on its last legs and fixed another that was broken.
  6. Sanded down the wooden door edges in the brick shed as the doors had swelled and so difficult to open and close. Still not great but its much better than it was. The shutters will be sanded next.
  7. Tidied the inside of the brick shed.
  8. Added bark chip into the main area of the Children Wood.
  9. Created two new fox dens.
  10. Fixed fencing where it had broken.
  11. Swept clear the entrances on Clouston and Kelbourne streets.
  12. Changed green and red signs on Compost bins.
  13. Trimmed the bushes that branches were hanging over the blaze paths.
  14. Put up dog poo dispenser beside the bins.
  15. Put up another bird nut feeder (feel free to fill with nuts!)
  16. Growing winter vegetables in the two community raised beds. Volunteer’s welcome (get in touch!).
  17. The Children Wood group added some lightning to 3 of the X flood lightning towers to give the land some Christmas cheer!
  18. Added some soil to main central area that is well worn.
  19. Added two stirring forks to share between the 7 compost bins we have.
  20. Last but not least litter picking and taking full bags from our two bins to the Kelbourne street pavement where they are collected.
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Demo Tuesday 10.30am George Square.

The planning officer has recommended the following to the Councilors on the Planning Committee that meet this Tuesday 20th October at 11am in the City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow:

1. That the planning application by New City Vision Ltd to build 90 residences on the land be approved.
2. That the planning application by The Children Wood Group to “keep the meadow and wood wild and for the community’ be approved.

Which one gets the go ahead will be up to the Planning Committee and the Council. Multi applications can be approved for a piece of land, it comes down to the owner of the land i.e. the Council in this case, which one they go for.

In 1993 the Council took away the goal posts and in 1995 formally decided the land was surplus to their requirements. However from 1993 local people have been managing the land and its been used by a range of people, often young kids. The 500 trees and range of grasses and shrubs seen today is from that initial planting they carried out. The planning officer says the biodiversity is low, however if you’re a 5 year old kid living in a tenement flat, which is the norm in this area, then this land has all the biodiversity you need. Our planning system needs to take account of the health benefits these wild green pockets of land have for this age group within an inner city environment.

However the land’s success is from having a whole range of age groups that use and care for this land, as each activity and group has helped the others. It’s also not a formal park but a wild green meadow and wood and as such it’s important those that make decisions on the future of the land really understand why it’s turned out so successfully.

Therefore we ask that the Planning Committee, before they make any decision on this land, come visit it and let local representatives have a hearing. Otherwise how will they know what will be lost if they approve the application to build the 90 residences?

There will be a demo this Tuesday 20th Oct at 10.30am outside the City Chambers on George Square, Glasgow to show support for The Children Wood Group’s application, and to show the strength of feeling in making sure this land shouldn’t get bulldozed for housing.

North Kelvin Meadow Group

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