We are part of the Glasgow Unversity Environmental and Sustainability event this Sunday at 2pm.

This event is open to all members of the public not just students. As you can see in the schedule below the North Kelvin Meadow part is on between 2-3pm this Sunday 16th Feb 2020. We’ll have a short tour and then do some land maintenance jobs.
Note though if there is high winds the North Kelvin Meadow part will be called off due to the risk of trees or branches falling down. The forecast isn’t looking good at the moment.
Just to summarise, the event will run from 1-4:30 pm and the timeline is as follows:
  • 1pm: GU Wildlife Garden – planting raspberry canes/bulbs
  • 1:30pm GU Viewfield Lane Gardens – houseplants
  • 2:00pm North Kelvin Meadow – tour of meadow and Children’s Wood, land management activity, fire pit
  • 3:00pm Dot to Dot – Garden open day and tour
  • 4:00pm Woodland’s Community Garden – tour and composting lesson
Then potentially on to the CCA for a drink and to see the seed library afterwards, depending on interest. Cancelled due to Storm Denis.
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