Thank You and Dame Judi Dench!

We’ve really worked hard this year getting the meadow and wood ready for the spring and summer. So its a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers for putting in alot of time and effort doing this, many of which have come out multiple times. We still have work to do but for the moment its about recognising the hard work put in so far this year.

At the risk of missing out people, here are a few of these volunteers: Alistair, Mike, Nikki, Ness, Stuart, Dorothy, Emilly, Katja, Ruth, Elley, Moira, Sarah, Sally, James, Martin, John, Chiara, Alyssa.

Meadow Seed about to be sowed:

Corn Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas) 10.0%, Cornflower ( Centaurea Cyanus) 16.0%, Meadow Buttercup ( Ranunculus acris) 7.0%, Musk Mallow ( Malva Moschata) 1.0%, Ox Eye Daisy ( Leucanthemum Vulgare) 12.0%, Red Campion (Silene Dioica) 12.0%,Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) 12.0%, Salad Burnet (Sanguisorba Minor) 12.0%, Self heal ( Prunella vulgaris) 10.0%, White Campion ( Silene Alba) 3.0%, Yarrow, (Achillea Millefolium) 5.0%

We also planted some very nice Roses which will hopefully benefit both people and wildlife. One was named after Dame Judi Dench the actress of stage and screen. These roses are world renown for their fragence and with a price to match! But our land is about a sensory experience to those , especially kids, in this inner city Glasgow environment so we felt it worth paying the extra.

Here’s the full list as at todays date but more will be going in soon:

Brother Cadfael Rose by David Austin, Pink Blooms (Repeat) Old Rose Fragrance

Tess of The D’Urbervilles Rose by David Austin, Climber, Crimson Blooms , Old Rose Fragrance

Dame Judi Dench Rose by David Austin, Apricot Blooms (Repeat) Light – Medium Tea Scent

The Generous Gardener Rose by David Austin, Climber, Palest Pink Blooms, Musky Old Rose Scent.

Graham Thomas Rose by David Austin, Climber, Large rich Yellow Blooms, Tea Fragrance Voted the World’s Favourite Rose

The Lady of the Lake Rose by David Austin, Rambler, With Golden Stamens Sprays of pretty semi-double, blush pink Flowers (Repeat).

A Shropshire Lad Rose by David Austin Climber Large Rosette with delicious fruity fragrence. June until first frosts. Strong myrth fragrance. (Repeat)

Strawberry Hill Rose by David Austin Climber Pure rose – pink cupped rosette. Strong , delicious myrrh fragrence.  (Repeat)

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