Restrictive Parking Zone (RPZ) proposed for North Kelvin and North Woodside

Letters have just gone out on 31st May 2019 from the Council as they propose to introduce new traffic management controls in our area. Below is a copy of the letter. You can get more details along with FAQ and maps of the affected area at:


Glasgow City Council is currently undertaking the development and introduction of significant parking control schemes throughout the Glasgow area. One of which includes North Kelvin and North Woodside areas. The proposed zone can be defined from its boundaries of Maryhill Road to the north, Garscube Road to the East, Great Western Road to the South and Wyndham Street to the West. Where restrictions are currently in place in areas such as Maryhill Road, these will not be amended or altered as part of this proposal. 

As you will be aware, the West End of Glasgow offers excellent transport links such as bus, train and subway. However, having such links unfortunately encourages commuters to drive to the area and use residential streets to park-and-ride. This results in the kerbside road space being inundated by all day parking with indiscriminate and obstructive practices commonplace. 

The introduction of parking controls offers an effective solution towards managing the demand for the finite road space available through the prevention of all day commuter parking. Subsequently reducing the overall volume of traffic attracted to the area, whilst also increasing the turnover of parking spaces and improving road safety and traffic flow. Parking controls similarly ensure the essential access required for emergency services, refuse collection and delivery vehicles etc. 

The Council is now progressing to the statutory traffic order process for the North Kelvin and North Woodside scheme. Prior to the commencement of this process the Council is holding a public exhibition in Maryhill Community Halls, Maryhill, Glasgow Life, Avenuepark Street and Shakespeare Street Youth Club. Council officers will be in attendance on the following dates and will be happy to answer queries or concerns and discuss the proposals that have been developed. 

 Maryhill Glasgow Life Avenuepark Street, 35 Avenuepark Street G20 8TS 

Wednesday 12 June 2019, 2pm – 5pm 

 Maryhill Community Central Hall, 292-316 Maryhill Road G20 7YE 

Thursday 13th June 2019, 2pm – 7pm 

Saturday 15 June 2019, 9am – 11am 

 Shakespeare Street Youth Club, 95 Shakespeare Street G20 8LE 

Saturday 15 June 2019, 11:30am – 1:30pm 

The proposed scheme will be similar to those introduced in Dowanhill/ Byres Rd, Yorkhill, Woodlands, Napiershall and Partick, with permits being allocated the zone identifier (W4). It is also our intention to modify the existing zones north of Great Western Road to this same zone identifier. Allowing permit holders within the proposed zone, in addition to those within Belmont, Napiershall and 

Woodside, to park in all these parking controlled areas without incurring any additional parking charge. 

The proposals include the following measures: 

 A Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ). 

 Shared use parking bays Monday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm for permit holders or those who wish to pay to park. 

 Disabled parking bays for disabled badge holders only. 

 Motorcycle parking bays for solo motorcycles only. 

 Car club parking bays for car club vehicles only. 

 Electric vehicle parking bays for electric vehicles only. 

 No Waiting and No Loading / Unloading at any time restrictions. 

 No Waiting at any time restrictions. Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) may be issued to any vehicle not parked within a marked parking bay. 

 Loading Only places, during defined times, to allow for loading and unloading by any class of vehicle but allow parking out-with operational times. 

 One way operations. 

 Virtual resident parking permits at a cost of £85 per annum or £23.75 quarterly. 

 Business parking permits at a cost of £650 per annum. 

 Residents’ visitors parking permits at a cost of £2 for a set 6 hour period. 

 Resident and business permit holders would be able to park without limit of time. 

 Those who wish to pay to park during chargeable hours would be subject to a parking charge of 20p for the first 15 minutes (up to 1 hour) then 40p for every 15 minutes thereafter and a maximum stay limit of 3 hours. 

 The payment method would be by using a pay and display machine and displaying a ticket or by a cashless mobile phone payment system. 

Any feedback received from the local community will be considered prior to commencing the statutory TRO process. 

The Council must promote the TRO by following a statutory process, which is prescribed in The Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedures) (Scotland) Regulations 1999. This process consists of an initial “Consultation” stage where the Council consults with professional road users including emergency services, SPT, freight transport groups, etc. 

The next “Publication of Proposals” stage of the process is where the public will have the opportunity to comment, support or object to the proposals in writing. The proposals will be advertised in the Evening Times and notices erected on-street. The TRO documentation will be available to view at Council offices and on a dedicated web page from the first day of publication. 

We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition however if you are unable to attend or have any queries in the meantime please visit or email us at: . 

Yours faithfully 

Andy Waddell 

Director of Operations 

Neighbourhoods & Sustainability Restrictive Parkeing

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