Press and education enquiries

Press and education enquiries:

We welcome all enquiries.
Contact: Douglas A Peacock on 0774 837 4911 email:

Now that the land is secure from housing development we are keen to tell our story and help others succeed in similar situations. There is also much interest on what the land is used for , what grows there and how the various parts of the land mess together. For example our live Willow Hut, our 2 tree houses, 34 raised beds, 4 community raised beds, 2 children raised beds, 5 compost bins, 2 honey bee hives in the Beedookit, kids mudkitchen, wig wam, a labyrinth stone circle, loads of wild flowers, community orchard with 30 fruit trees, wildlife haven, fire pit, bumblebee homes and last but by no means least PUDDLES which our younger vistors love!

Do get in contact if your wanting to write an article.

We’re only a 7 minute walk from the top of Byers Road.
Go along Queen Margret Drive, turn up either Clouston street or Kelbourne street and walk 200 yards and you’ll see a wee gem of a place: 1.4 hectares of inner city wild greenspace!!

If bringing the car go along Kelbourne street and you’ll beable to park outside the entrance.


Old News:

18th April 2014 – Maryhill Fire Brigade come down to the North Kelvin Meadow and water the newly sowed central area that had been fenced off. That morning it had been sowed with wild flowers and grass seed but there was no forecast of rain.

Pervious Press Releases haven’t been filed here but below are a few of the Old Press Releases:

Private Eye Article.

13 May 2012

Maryhill Residents Vow to Stop Luxury Homes Development on North Kelvin Meadow

18 September 2009

Local residents and MSPs stunned by Glasgow City Council’s threat to bulldoze community gardening project

North Kelvin Meadow in the press

Evening Times, 21 September 2009

‘Destruction’ threat for Meadow

The Glaswegian, 3 September 2009

North Kelvin Meadow rebels in running for garden award

Environmental Data Interactive, 24 August 2009

Council defends decision to evict Glasgow’s guerrilla gardeners

Sunday Herald, 23 August 2009

Glasgow’s the drear grey place thanks to all this building

The Herald, 22 August 2009

Garden guerrillas dig in to fight court decision

BBC, 21 August 2009

Campaign setback in land row case

The Herald, 20 August 2009

‘Guerrilla’ gardeners in court to defend allotment

The Sun, 20 August 2009

Lost the plot

Daily Mail, 20 August 2009

Gardeners’ turf war

Daily Express, 20 August 2009

Council’s court bid to kick out eco volunteers

Evening Times, 20 August 2009

Guerrilla gardeners told to appear in court

Architecture Scotland, 20 August 2009

North Kelvin Meadow Group face eviction

BBC, 19 August 2009

Legal row over derelict land use

Local People Leading, August 2009

How to lose friends and alienate people

North Kelvin Meadow at risk from Council bulldozers

Evening Times, 31 July 2009

Meadow can help locals to cut crime

The Glaswegian, 30 July 2009

Tempers flare as Glasgow City Council target North Kelvin Meadow for development

Evening Times, 27 July 2009

Community gardeners face eviction

The Move Channel, 21 July 2009

A whole lotta good

The Herald, 27 June 2009

Sowing the seeds of revolution

STV News, 12 June 2009

Green-minded locals fight council over development plans

Evening Times, 11 November 2008

Residents in clean-up bid to halt flats development

Evening Times, 17 October 2008

Residents pledge to fight wasteland sale

Archive Meadow press releases

21 August 2009

Standing room only as court rules on bat boxes – North Kelvin Meadow continues after Sheriff Court decision today

19 August 2009

Local residents and MSPs condemn Glasgow City Council’s “absurd legal action” against community gardening group

27 July 2009

Community green spaces help prevent crime, says criminology expert, as Robert Brown MSP joins growing wave of support for under-threat North Kelvin Meadow

24 July 2009

Local community fights back as GCC slaps eviction notice on North Kelvin Meadow

12 June 2009

Greens visit under-threat Glasgow community meadow

11 June 2009

Local community fights to save the North Kelvin Meadow from the GCC bulldozers

23 March 2009

North Kelvin Meadow receives £750 02 ‘It’s Your Community’ award

19 November 2008

Local residents turn out in force for North Kelvin Meadow Clean-Up – photos available on request

13 October 2008

Campaign launched for a community-run green meadow space in the former Clouston Street playing fields