Planning application received

Planning Application Received
After 4 years and many false starts we have finally received notice that a formal Planning Application has been lodged with the Council. The application from New City Vision is for the building of 90 dwellings on the Meadow. If this development is given planning permission then this will mean the end for our much-loved community resource.

The full details of the development are posted on Glasgow City Council’s website here: Try searching for Clouston Street or use the reference number 12/00924/DC.  Tip – tick the Box then press Submit. Input the Ref number in Search. Select Document tab. Select View Associated Documents. At this point there are a huge number to choose from – for an overview try “Clouston Sanda Axon” which is the 35th one down (from memory!) . Note the Council website has been down 6/7/8th Dec so far , so you can’t see the plans. They don’t look to scale compared with the existing corner tenantment block but we’ll need to look in more detail at that.

At first sight it looks every bit as bad as we had expected. Here, for example, Clouston Street:

Clouston Street Townhouse visualisation - Drawing-435064

How you can help
Over the next few days we will be analysing the 65 separate documents of the planning application to establish ways in which we can defeat the application.

Soon we will be asking that all our supporters write a letter of objection to Glasgow City Council. To help, we will be sharing key information about how this formal objection should be written and the sort of issues that a Planning Committee will take into consideration and what information you need to include to ensure that your voice is heard.

Your letters will be crucial to overturning the threat to the Meadow. So please get your pens at the ready! If we all act together we stand a very good chance of defeating this.

The timing of the developer’s application is perhaps intentional – a period when everyone is focussed on Christmas. However if we can all spare just a few minutes during the next couple of weeks we stand a very good chance of defeating this application.

Stay in touch
As always, to keep up to date with the latest information on the planning application please continue to visit this Web site, our Facebook or Twitter feeds or sign up to our supporters’ mailing list by emailing

UPDATE – 9 December 2012
We have now published the images and copies of the developers’ plans on our web site here.

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