Deadline extended to Friday 9th December 2012 for consultation of rezoning North Kelvin Meadow as a Greenspace instead of Residential.

We ask you email:

and simply say:

  • you agree that Proposal reference number Prop0066 be rezoned as Greenspace instead of the existing Residential status.
  • Grounds are that its being used by the local community as a green recreational space, an outdoor play area for kids, raised bed allotments and a woodland, wildlife and meadow space.
  • With over 480 trees on the land it is clearly part of the green network of our city and adds to its biodiversity.
  • The whole site as from August 2011 is within Glasgow West Conservation Area. 
  • The site has never had residential buildings on it, documentary evidence of that is available on maps from the past, such as this one below showing how the land was undeveloped in 1894 while the streets surrounding it had started to be developed with tenements (the street shown as Montgomery Street was renamed Clouston Street – scroll down about 20 pictures):

Proposals Site Assessment 

Ref: Prop0066 

Address: Clouston St 

Proposer: North Kelvin Meadow 

Proposal: Greenspace 

Exist DPP: DEV2 Residential 

Be sure to tell them your name. And remember the deadline is 9th Dec 2012.



Further Information from the Council is on the link below:,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published

(within the Main Issue Report we are on page 17)

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