Time to email / write!

We CAN save this land if we ALL write in!

So its time to send your emails / letters into the Council to object to the planning application that wants to destroy the North Kelvin Meadow and Children Wood by building 90 flats on it.

How? Its easy! Just send off a short email to the Council telling them why you think its a bad idea.

Anyone , anywhere can send in an objection. Be sure to quote the planning application ref number 12/00924/DC and your name (its up to you if you want to include your address).

We have created a page on the site that has all the details of who to write to plus the campaign standard letter if you’d rather copy and paste that into a new email before sending. This may also help you with some of the material planning issues we believe should be highlighted.

Planning Application – How to oppose

Deadline is 1 January 2013 for all or if you’re a neighbour its the 5 January 2013.

Here’s a short film shot at the last Halloween event in Oct 2012 which helps to sum up whats there.

YOU can make a difference so please email.

Latest News: We’re having a gathering / demo on George Square on Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 between 9.45am – 10.30am. Please come along and show support. If you have any home made placards do bring them along. Something showing on what will be missed if the land is destroyed. Thanks

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