Court Case 21st Aug 09

Karen and Douglas would just like to THANK everyone who gave their support and especially to all those that made it to the Court. So many we packed it out !!


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11 Responses to Court Case 21st Aug 09

  1. Power to your elbow(s) and may your leeks grow straight and tall!

    It is ridiculous but not surprising for a council who I’m sure spend thousands to encourage this kind of community engagement would stifle it when it develops of its own account – vote them out and lets have some more Green councillors over there (and here).

    Cheers Greig
    (Edinburgh Community Backgreen Association)

  2. Very well done to both of you for standing up to Glasgow City Council in court. Their ridiculous legal action was a misuse of our legal system to bully, but they failed to intimidate you. Hurrah for you!

  3. Conall McGinley says:

    Well done! All the best with the case, it’s inspiring to see people all over Glasgow standing up to the Council and defending their rights.

  4. scruss says:

    I see the city hasn’t changed much from when they planned to sue me for taking pictures of their (then) crap bike lanes.

  5. Robin says:

    In light of the press and the court appearance (well done Douglas and Karen, I hear you did us proud), I would like to suggest that we create a page on the website where everyone can see a detailed timeline of all known events – council motions/development proposals/legal ownership/etc. – relating to the Meadow and the campaign going as far back as is relevant.

    Such a resource would allow visitors and supporters alike to understand the backstory and get the latest (and enlighten us where we may be misinformed). It would be worth consulting and distributing information from the public records.

    Knowing all the facts makes it much easier to argue our case and the council can’t claim we’re ignorant of the history or that we don’t understand the complexities.

  6. Colin says:

    Nice to see such support for a worthwhile cause. As the judge said nothing he could do in law to go against the council but not a good day for Glasgow Council PR wise as they look very petty over this action.

  7. Sarah Jane Davidson says:

    Thank you both for doing this and well done. This can only serve to put GCC in a poor light and expose their unconvincing arguments, plus the media coverage generated as a result is to our advantage.

  8. James says:

    As one of those in court, I thought the Sheriff was actually surprisingly cool. Not only did he say “you’ve done nothing but good”, but he also described the campaign’s activities as “admirable”. I couldn’t agree more. Well, perhaps I’d have gone for “inspirational”, but that’s a minor quibble!

    If there’s anything else Patrick or I can do to help from the Parliament end, please do let us know.

  9. Colin B says:

    Sorry I wasn’t able to be in the public gallery. Enormous thanks to Douglas and Karen for fighting our corner!

  10. Peter Lavelle says:

    Good luck to everyone involved in the North Kelvin Meadow. I hope you have many more healthy crops!

  11. dick baker says:

    The authorities are playing with our health.A hard argument is that factually, home grown veg contains a greater percentage of trace minerals than even organic veg purchased in the local supermarket.This is easily and cheaply proven by supplying samples of said for examination under an industrially coupled mass spectrometer, cost around 30.00 per sample.
    We are being denied good health,at great cost to our national health service.I would recommend looking for Magnesium, a co-factor in the process of our bodies obtaining calcium, for teeth and bones.

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