Growing vegetables on 25+ year vacant Council land ends up in Court.

Karen Chung and Douglas Peacock, along with the ‘North Kelvinside Green Space Initiative’  (sic) have been summoned to appear at the Sheriff Court in Glasgow on 21/08/09 at 12 noon to defend an action that has been brought against them by Glasgow City Council. The Council wants to prevent the community group caring for the disused land, growing vegetables in raised beds and keeping the disused brick outbuilding in good repair.

We would therefore like to ask you to support Karen, Douglas and the North Kelvin Meadow  in any or all of the following ways:

1. Please attend court if you can. Our aim is to fill the public gallery to overflowing. The case reference is A2833/09 and the address for the Sheriff Court is: 1 Carlton Place, Glasgow G2 1DU

2. Please again write to Steve Inch (DRS), your counsellors, your MSPs and your MP Ann McKechin to protest this utterly ridiculous and disproportionate reponse from GCC, which apart from anything else is a complete waste of Council taxpayers money.

3. Please tell anyone who may be interested about what is happening at the Meadow and GCC’s disproportionate action.

To view the press release sent out by the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign about the court action, click here


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6 Responses to Growing vegetables on 25+ year vacant Council land ends up in Court.

  1. On behalf of Glasgow the Caring City charity, I would like to express my support for any community initiative which develops chances for comunities to develop and participate together.
    All to often we see areas of waste ground being left to grow over and be taken from the publics use. Its a breath of fresh air to hear of about people taking control and bringing these areas back to live.
    I think this is an inspiring model of how we should be living as a community, together, not an act of criminality.
    Your model for reclaiming waste ground is one which we use regularly within developing communities around the world. Empowerment through positive community initiatives, such as this, make societies stronger.

  2. Anny Deery says:

    Hi there

    Is there an online petition for this? If not, I’ll get one set up soonest. Please feel free to mail me.


  3. Sheona McCaig says:


    I’m a local resident, and although I’ve not been able to come out to help the effort I had admired all the work you’ve been doing. I’m really disgusted in the council for their actions, especially when the government has actually requested that local councils use such green spaces for the local communities to grow vegetables etc since the recession hit. It seems to me that they are going against government recommendation just to line their own pockets.

    I hope this court action gives you the ability to well and truly voice your point of view and show them how much the local residents are against the proposed developments. We were never given any real choice. Every resident I have spoken to (and even non-residents who have read in the local press about your efforts) are 100% behind the meadow initiative.

    Best of luck – my thoughts will be with you xx

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Anny

    there certainly is an online petition, it’s here:

    Please sign it, we’ve got over 500 signatures so far!

    We’re up in court today and lots of us are turning out to show our support for the Meadow. Fingers crossed!

  5. Susanne says:

    Hi all, I was at court with three friends today and none of us can understand why the council is taking this approach. The only answer can be to prove a point, to intimidate and to wield their power. There certainly seems no reasonable intention there.
    Since the judge/sheriff (sorry, I’m not up to speed on legal speak) concentrated on the issue of ownership, would it be worth in a potential future discussion to raise the point that the council is elected by the residents, and pays for any land it owns from taxes collected from us, and therefore it is actually _our_ land, held in “trust” by the council? Just a thought.

    Anyway, Douglas and Karen, you have a lot of support out here. It is a shame that you are being put through this legal process. We are impressed by your willingness to stand up for our point of view, your energy and commitment to the campaign and your ability to bring people together. Thank you.

  6. Frank Martin says:

    I hope things went well at court today(wasn’t able to make it along after all).

    Please let us know what happened.


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