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Laura is a local resident.

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3 Responses to Evening Times Article

  1. Belle Brown says:

    hello! I am a resident of Wilton Street, although tend to live in Swedn these days (I am a sustainability science/environmental studies student there). I want to offer my full support to your campaign and also want to post a link to the Environmental Law Foundation, where I voluteered for a while. They are a charity that will provide you with free legal advice as regards these sorts of issues. Lycka till! (Good luck)
    link: http://www.elflaw.org/site/

  2. Hannah Greene says:

    Resident of Mingarry street here . I have just been over to have a look at the meadow , and what you have done with it . I think it looks really great. It is inspirational to see such community spirit and initiative, and it is disheartening that the value this should not be recognised by the council.

  3. Karen says:

    As a Meadow-land it has infinite benefits to the Community.
    Alot of care and attention has gone into this since it has been allowed access to:
    I love the delineated paths that lead from gate to gate, I love the fact that you can also wander and find something new (Self-seeded or not) and reminds me of my childhood fields, I love that people care about the environment they live in, and I especially love the opportunity for dogs to Poop in the bushes rather than in the streets! Long May It Live!

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