Planning application in!

We have been told that the Council will send letters out to locals living round the North Kelvin Meadow the week beginning 11th May 2015. We’d like to stress 3 points:

1. Anyone, anyway can put in an objection to this planning application. The council only target the ones immediately around the meadow for postage cost purposes. We can all have our say though – and should! Be sure to quote the planning application ref number which is 12/00924/DC further describtion: Site At Kelbourne Street/Sanda Street/Clouston Street Planning Application 12/00924/DC “Erection of residential development with associated parking, landscaping and vehicular access and demolition of existing structures (additional submissions).”

2. If you objected when the planning application went in the first time back in Dec 2012 that objection still stands. But your free to add to it and send in again as the planning application has slightly changed – it will still destroys the whole land though! Bear with us as we’ll update this site with more info when we know it and probably send out an email to those on our address list. We have 28 days from when the letters go out.

3. Ask others that care about these issues to object. Perhaps your scout, reading or swimming group, plus how about your neighbours.

Background info: back in December 2012 New City Vision Ltd submitted a planning application to build 90 dwellings on the land. However that application wasn’t deemed to be complete for it to go to the Councils Planning Committee for them to decide on. It was missing items like an Eco survey etc detailing what was on the land. As at 16th April 2015 they have now completed this application. Due to the 2 plus years that have passed, the Council will now open up another consultation period of 28 days, write out again to residents and groups. We await this letter, which once again starts the clock……

Its vitally important as many objections as possible are sent into the Council in that period. Making sure all are sent in the proper manner, to the right address and quoting the right planning application number for example . The good news is we believe it will be under the same application number as Dec 2012 and so existing objections letters will be counted.

To give some context around the time line its now been 7 years since the Council said a planning application would be in front of the Planning Committee to decide on. Back then we were told we were wasting our time clearing up the rubbish from the land, using and managing it and campaigning to keep it. In that time kids have been born that are now happliy climbing the trees and getting the benefits of outdoor excercise in a wild natural green space in the heart of our city. Such is the life of a dog they are now much older but what a time they and their owners have had. The groups that use the land have won many awards, we could go on……..

Its quite unbelievable how the Council can treat a community this way. We still hope for a happy ending but lets make our own luck and get as many objection letters in as we can……once the clock starts. There are also other things we can do …so please see the “How To Lobby” tab for more on that.

We’ll add more here as we get it…….but this is a crucial time so stay in touch and for each of us do our part in trying to save this land.

Link to New City Vision Ltd latest Planning Application:

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