Bulb planting event on the Meadow

We’d like to invite you to a bulb planting event at North Kelvin Meadow on Sunday 24th October at 2pm.

We’ve got loads of bulbs all ready to plant. If all goes well the Meadow should be awash with colour next spring/summer. There will also be Tea, Coffee and Cake for willing volunteers and the chance to find out more about the campaign.

Things to bring?
Yourself! Bulbs should be handled with gloves, so bring an old pair or borrow some from us on the day. Bring a trowel or spade if you have one (we have a few spare).If you want to bring some bulbs of your own that would be great too. British Blue Bells would be great under the trees on Clouston street for example.

How long will the event last?
Don’t worry about coming down for a long time  – 30 minutes to an 1 hour is all that’s required.

How to plant a bulb?
Each bulb needs to be planted to a depth of 3 times its size. So dig a small hole and place the bulb with its top facing upwards. If not sure what is the top then plant it on its side. Cover with soil, making sure there are no obvious air pockets. If you need some decent soil to surround the bulb then take some from the big white bags in the far corner of the Meadow. Its as easy as that! What’s more, many of them should flower year after year.

Can’t make that time?
Feel free to plant bulbs at other times if you have them. The more the merrier!

What’s the latest with the Land?
The developer New City Vision Ltd is still keen to proceed with the development and it is likely that they will submit a planning application to the council soon. The local community increasingly sees the Meadow as a place that shouldn’t be built on. As the land is used more as a green space by the local community the case strengthens to keep it as such.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 24th

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