Call for volunteers

Over the last few weeks we have heard that the developers will soon be applying for planning permission to build a complex of 115 flats on the meadow. If they succeed our community will permanently lose this beautiful green space. The threat to the Meadow is now very real and we need your help to raise awareness and to assist in the campaign.

If you would like to help out as part of the campaign to keep the land as a community green space please fill out this short form. It will allow us to know what sort of help you’d like to offer and how to contact you. Any help you can provide will be vital.

North Kelvin Meadow volunteer sign-up form.

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2 Responses to Call for volunteers

  1. Yvonne says:

    Fight for the Green Man … Open land and space is a vital part towards healthy living.

  2. Britta Schuessler says:

    The Glasgow City council last year signed up to the 10:10 movemen. It This year it also launched tis plans tp become one of Europes most sustained cities. I think, projects like the North Kelvin Meadow and Otago Lane are the kind of projects that will show if Glasgow City council is walking the talk or if these declarations are just empty air, gestures made to fit in with ‘the flavour of the month’. I urge the council and the people making decisions on these projects to commit to the long term wellfare of Glasgow’s citizens and the world population, rather than short term profite for a few investors!

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