Results of the Bird Event

Thanks to all who came out last Saturday 30th January 2010 onto the Meadow for the “Do something for the Birds” event. In total 30 people came out (plus one photographer from Local News) and we put up 70+ fat ball and bird feeders. Here’s the result below of just one person’s (Emma) tally of the number and specie of bird in one corner of the Meadow – 13 different specie in total and 27 birds. Rules are they have to land on the Meadow and the count is within one hour. Results have gone off to the RSPB.

Woodpigeons 4      Bluetits  2      Magpies 2       Feral Pigeons  2      Crows 1      Blackbird 4      Sparrows 2     Great Tits  1      Robins 1      Goldfinches 2       Thrushes 2      Bullfinches 2     Long-tailed Tits  2

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1 Response to Results of the Bird Event

  1. Andy says:

    Hi there
    I came to the event and enjoyed seeing what has been done. Congratulations to all involved. With such a huge space available, I’m sure a compromise can be found even if development goes ahead.

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