Do Something for the Birds!

Do Something for the Birds!

When – 2pm Saturday 30th January 2010
What – Help put up some bird feeders and fat balls on the North Kelvin Meadow (beside Sanda, Clouston and Kelbourne Street G20)
What to bring – some bird feeders, fat balls and yourself.
This is part of:

The Big Garden Bird Watch Weekend 30-31st Jan

(This includes public Parks and so this land)
Count the birds in the Meadow for one hour and be part of the world’s biggest Birdwatch!
The details –  To find out more simply log on to the above RSPB website where they have an easy identification chart you can print out along with easy instructions to follow. Half a million people will be helping the RSPB create a ‘snapshot’ picture of bird numbers in each region, showing them that some of our birds are disappearing in scary numbers. We’ve lost more than half our house sparrows, and three-quarters of our starlings, and your results have certainly helped highlight these dramatic declines. These surveys, therefore, help RSPB spot problems, but more importantly, are also the first step to help aid a species recovery. But we mustn’t forget that Big Garden Birdwatch is also fun, easy and only takes an hour
Note the local Council intends to sell this ground for 115 flats. So do join the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign if you disagree with their plan! There will be loads happening this year so this is a good chance to meet your neighbour and find out the latest with this land and how you can help.
All support is welcome!
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1 Response to Do Something for the Birds!

  1. Emma says:

    We counted 13 species in all! Bluetits, Great tits, Sparrows, Woodpigeons, Feral Pigeons, Magpies, Thrushes, Blackbirds, Robins, Crows, Bullfinches, Goldfinches and a pair of beautiful long-tailed tits.

    Around 30 people including broadcasting legend Jimmie MacGregor came along to help put up bird feeders and fat balls. We estimate that 70+ feeders were ‘strung up’. Thanks to all those who came and helped.

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