The Fantastic Mr Fox

Most people living in the city will have experienced seeing a fox at some point, but the other night really was quite unusual. I was walking through the Meadow late one night last week and took a short cut to see if the bin needed emptying. At first I thought it was a cat, but only about 7 feet away was a Fox. I immediately thought I must have been close to his (or her) cubs, but no sound came from Mr Fox, he just watched me. So I moved off slowly and he followed. I then took a wide walk round the Meadow and all the time the Fox was with me, sometimes 20 feet away , sometimes just 10 feet away. It was as if he was quite glad to see me and wanted to play. No doubt though looking for food. I had just seen the week before The Fantastic Mr Fox in the cinema and so believe me the similarity wasn’t wasted!

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1 Response to The Fantastic Mr Fox

  1. 4ndy says:

    It seems the way foxes, wolves and many animals react to humans is largely determined by their past experiences with us, and whether their mum told them what ‘orrible buggers we are.
    I once saw a fox quite boldly walking along dumbarton road past busy pubs with evening street lights on all around, probably looking for a chip or two.
    The animals with the most environmentally-determined behaviour, however, are humans; being the most adaptable of species.

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