We’re in the Beautiful Scotland Competition!

Who would have thought it, but its true: we’re in the Beautiful Scotland! Judges come out this Wednesday, 2nd September. So, who knows: if we can get a decent day of sunshine, and the poppies, sunflowers and all the other plants bloom that day, then we’re in with a chance. So many of you have worked so hard planting all these things and picking up the litter etc – just being entered for this great award is something you should be proud of. Indeed, when you see where we’ve come from within a year you can believe anything is possible!

The award is a relatively new initiative in Scotland, designed for groups making local environmental improvements in their area, particularly (but not exclusively) in urban areas. There are additional awards for improving and encouraging biodiversity, so this is our chance to show off our wild orchids and poppies, and hope our resident bees and butterflies are out in force when the judge visits next Wednesday…

For more information click here

Also, please note the new pictures now on the website under Our Story in Pictures.

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2 Responses to We’re in the Beautiful Scotland Competition!

  1. Good for you. I used to be rubbish at football on this site when I went to N.K. (still am rubbish). I was disgusted when it was not retained as a sports field but delighted when it became a garden. Keep up the good work.

  2. Conall McGinley says:

    Heya I’m sure the North Kelvin Meadow will do great. I walked through it today with the sun splitting the skies, butterflies flying all around and a peaceful silence, it was like a wee Maryhill Paradise. Long Live the North Kelvin Meadow! All the best with the campaign, you’re an inspiration to all of us who are struggling to create a nice environment for ourselves and our children.

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