Regular Sunday action days

Your invitation

Come along and help develop the vacant land beside Kelbourne Street, Sanda Street and Clouston Street as a green space. You’ll find the dates advertised via posters at the main entrances to the land. Our intention is to try to set up a regular slot of 11am on a Sunday for around an hour. But that’s weather dependant and subject to availability of people. Don’t feel you need to do an hour. Just come along and do what you can or what you are interested in.

Work objectives

Here’s just some of the work we’ll concentrate on:

– Paint some of the structures on the land – basically give it a cared-for look

– Remove suckers (shoots coming out of the trunks of the trees) from the large old lime trees on Clouston Street – this will increase sight on to the land and hence security

– Open up access to the wood area a bit more (fence removal)

– Create a wild meadow in the middle of the land. i.e. remove grass and rake over soil before sowing seed

– Work regarding allotments

– Create some pathways

– Plant a small orchard (including raspberry bushes etc) at the Kelbourne Street side

We’ll finish each action day with a litter pick-up sweep of the land. If the physical work isn’t for you perhaps you’d help with promoting what we are doing to the Council and other bodies / media.

Thanks for any support you can offer and we look forward to seeing you on the land sometime soon.

Any questions, please contact us on:

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1 Response to Regular Sunday action days

  1. Cameron Shanks says:

    I just walked through the meadow for the first time in ages today and I couldn’t believe how nice it is looking! you have to walk through it to appreciate the difference you have made. I’ve meant to come down to the last couple of meeting but i’m afraid I haven’t made it yet, but will try to make the next one, keep up the good work!

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