Action days in December and January

Join us on 14 Dec and 11 January!

Further to the success of the litter clean-up day in November, two more action days have been scheduled by the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign. The first is on Sunday, 14 December. We will be meeting at the Clouston Street entrance to the Meadow at 1pm to tackle the fence. Some parts of the fence need to be removed to facilitate access to the land.

Douglas Peacock and Karen Chung will also be providing some more information about allotments to those interested in having one. Allotments will take the form of raised beds. As we don’t currently have any funding (we are in the process of forming an association so that we can apply for funding), the allotments will be self-funded for now. The estimated total cost is £80-100.

Important safety guidelines

Please note the work on 11 January will involved cutting wire and metal, and anyone participating directly in this should wear protective goggles. Children must be accompanied by an adult and should NOT participate in the wire cutting.

New Year meet

A meet has also been scheduled for 11 January. We will meet at 11am, again at the Clouston Street entrance to the land, to carry out a selection of tasks that will take us further towards our goals for the land. The main tasks will be:

– Clearing the paths in the woodland area

– Cleaning out the brick store house

– Building a compost heap

We look forward to seeing you on 14 December and 11 January!

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