Great turnout for the clean-up

A group of volunteers at the North Kelvin Meadow Clean-Up

A group of volunteers at the North Kelvin Meadow Clean-Up

Many thanks to everyone who turned out on Saturday, 15 November for the North Kelvin Meadow Clean-Up. We counted 28 adults plus numerous younger volunteers.

Some sixty bags of rubbish were collected in one and a half hours – which just goes to show what can be achieved by a group effort – and the Meadow is now looking a lot cleaner and tidier. Happily, it was a sunny morning and only started to rain towards the end of the clean-up, whereupon a rainbow appeared, which, as local resident Karen Chung noted, is sure to be “a good sign for the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign”.

One of our younger volunteers

One of our younger volunteers

We hope the tea, coffee and biscuits kindly provided by Karen and Douglas will encourage you to join us again for further work on the Meadow. Next steps including cleaning out and renovating the brick outbuilding at the Clouston Street side of the Meadow and clearing paths in the woodland area.

We are also planning to turn the North Kelvinside Green Space Community Initiative into an association in order to take the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign forward.

We’ll keep you posted!

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2 Responses to Great turnout for the clean-up

  1. Fionna says:

    Great effort! And delighted to see that mounds of rubble and debris have gone.
    Also, thank you for the “Thank You” note on the railings. It’s good to be appreciated!
    Fionna and Mark E-B

  2. Liam Hurley says:

    Hey folks, After the success of the November clean up, I’d like to take down the old tennis fence, as Douglas suggested in an email to the cleaner-uppers. Then the council can take it when they finally come for the clean up pile. Who wants to brave the frost next weekend (Dec 13 or 14)?

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