Meadow creation and woodland management.

During April and May 2020 volunteers were out as part of their daily excercise helping to maintain the meadow and wood. They prepared the ground and then put down meadow seed. Mostly around the Orchard area but also in the Wood along the Pivet hedge running along Sanda street and some small patches on the Kelbourne street side. The hedge was cut back and reduced in height last year so more sunlight should be getting into the wood which in turn will hopefully result in more ground flora. Its something thats missing in the wood and we are keen to do our part in bringing it back.

The volunteers have also put in alot of hard work digging holes for more David Austin Roses. The ones in pervious years have done well. More flowers helps our bees.

With less cars being parked beside the land, its given us an opportunity to take down some of the branches that were overhanging the surrounding streets. The leaves drop on the pavement and then block the street drains. Some of the branches were also at risk of snapping and being above a pavement with all the nursery groups that use the land, it was felt best to take them down. The other significant factor is we need some large branches within the wood to help slow down all the foot and paw fall. It’s an easy way to help direct people to another area and so let nature start to repair and grow.  These branches were grown from the land and so its great they go back to help the land out as they rot down into the soil.

All the above was done as part of the volunteers daily exercise, social distancing, wearing clean gloves and tool cleaning applied. Plus they worked on their own or with members of their household.

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