New Years resolution?

Would you like to help maintain a Meadow and Wood?

If so please do email and let us know.

Everything you do to help the land matters to us.

If none of our current volunteering opportunities appeal to you, or you only have a small amount of time to give, then there are other ways you can support the land. This kind of volunteering can fit around a busy life.

Are you interested in some of these topics:

Planting flowers, growing vegetables, composting, general maintenance, bats, honey bees, bumblee bees, butterflies, trees, birds, meadow grass and flowers, orchard, litter, dogs, fixing fencing, funding, etc?

We also have a Raised Bed Allotment, each is rented by an individual or family for £5 per year. We also have our community raised beds too. So if growing vegetables and fruit is your New Year’s reolution you know where to come to!


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