Awaiting “Call In” decision.

Timeline of recent and forthcoming dates:

9th March 2016     – Scottish Government “ Calls In ” New City Vision Ltd planning application *

4th April 2016        – Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) receives application and will appoint a Reporter to write a report of recommendation to the Scottish Government.

27th Jun 2016        – Target Date for DPEA to have finished their report.

To be announced – Scottish Government Minister decides.

* “ The Scottish Minister have given this Direction in view of the proposed development’s potential loss of valued open / green space and possible conflict with Scottish Planning Policies and development policies. ”

We’re expecting Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities & Pensioners’ Rights will be the Minister that makes the decision.

In the meantime we continue to manage this land as we have for many years. Do let us know things you like and want more of and things you don’t.

The local community around the land has built up a good level of experience on how the land operates. So the message is;  if you feel there is anti social behaviour happening on the land then call the Police on 101 or in an emergency 999. They will come and sort it out. 

There is only “us” as the Council won’t come on the land. So thanks to all for cleaning up after themselves when having picnics etc. And especially a BIG THANKS to all those that clean up any items that are missed.

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