Please sign the new petition thats asks the Scottish Government to call in and reject New City Vision Ltd Planning application.

Help us to persuade the Scottish Government to ‘call in’ and reject the plans to build 90 residences on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood by signing our petition

Once signed please do circulate it amongst your friends, families, clubs and other groups. We need alot!!!

There are many reasons they should, but one of them is Glasgow City Council (GCC) hasn’t followed Scottish Government planning policy. Heres an extract below which clearly shows where GCC has departed on this occasion;

Scottish Government’s Planning Advice Note 65: Planning and Open Space:

“The future growth of settlements and the need to find sustainable locations for housing and economic development will have implications for open space. Scottish Planning Policy 17: Planning for Transport supports higher densities in locations that are most accessible by walking, cycling and public transport. This should not lead to a loss of amenity and will place greater emphasis on the need for a well-distributed, well-connected and accessible supply of quality open space.”

The important part of this planning guidance from the Scottish Government to Councils on how they should approach conflicts between open space and new developments is the phase “This should not lead to a loss of amenity.”.

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