Even though mother nature does most of the work on the land regarding the growing etc there is always a few items we have to do to maintain the land.

In no particular order here a few that people have been doing:

  1. Rebuilt from scratch 4 new Raised Beds. The original wood had rotten through as it was now some 6 years old.
  2. Rebuilt the entrance to Compost number 1 as the wood had rotten.
  3. Painted the brick shed.
  4. Cleared the main path running through the centre of the meadow of mud and leaves. We’ve kept the puddles as the young kids love to play in them! The circle path will be cleared in the coming week or so. ( broke a few brooms in the process!).
  5. Replaced a welcome sign that was on its last legs and fixed another that was broken.
  6. Sanded down the wooden door edges in the brick shed as the doors had swelled and so difficult to open and close. Still not great but its much better than it was. The shutters will be sanded next.
  7. Tidied the inside of the brick shed.
  8. Added bark chip into the main area of the Children Wood.
  9. Created two new fox dens.
  10. Fixed fencing where it had broken.
  11. Swept clear the entrances on Clouston and Kelbourne streets.
  12. Changed green and red signs on Compost bins.
  13. Trimmed the bushes that branches were hanging over the blaze paths.
  14. Put up dog poo dispenser beside the bins.
  15. Put up another bird nut feeder (feel free to fill with nuts!)
  16. Growing winter vegetables in the two community raised beds. Volunteer’s welcome (get in touch!).
  17. The Children Wood group added some lightning to 3 of the X flood lightning towers to give the land some Christmas cheer!
  18. Added some soil to main central area that is well worn.
  19. Added two stirring forks to share between the 7 compost bins we have.
  20. Last but not least litter picking and taking full bags from our two bins to the Kelbourne street pavement where they are collected.
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