Planning application and volunteer role

The Planning Application will come before Glasgow City Council (GCC) Councillors on Tuesday 20th October 2015 in  the City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow G1.

They will vote on whether to keep the North Kelvin Meadow, including The Children Wood,  or whether to let the land be bulldozed so 90 flats can be built on it by a property developer New City Vision Ltd. As you can see on this website we’ve waited 7 years for this to happen! Lets hope after all this time these Councillors decide to support the local people (and many many others) who at every stage in this long saga have said they want it kept as it is as a community green space. Which is for their health and kids health, learning and wellbeing plus the generations to come.

Looking for volunteers that can look after and maintain the land. Although many of you pick up litter which is great and mother nature does most of the work with the growing, this role is about those jobs that need a bit more co-ordination of resources.
Job spec:

Location: North Kelvin Meadow, Glasgow, G20
Hours: 1 hour every 3 weeks.
Pay: zero
Job satisfaction: huge
Type of work: manual but level suitable for each individual.
Start date: now

Reply for details to:

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