Short letter that could be used in the Council Form

(we’ve had a few people ask if they could get a short template type letter they could use in completing their Form to object to the proposed City Development Plan, so here it is below. So be sure to use the Form which you can get along with other info in the tab above called “Proposed City Development Plan” – its worth the hassle to complete!)

Hi Glasgow City Council

I would like housing proposal H023 Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St to be deleted from the Schedule of Proposals.

I would like the Glasgow Open Space Map to be amened to to show the land at Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St to be designated as: “6.72 – Natural / Semi-natural greenspace – Open semi-natural”. This reflects the reality that this area of land is a green natural space.

I seek the above amendments for the following reasons:

1. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area IS a green space, and so it is only logical that it should be designated a green space.

2. It is important to maintain green spaces in the city, especially in areas such as Maryhill where there is high-density housing. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area has never been built on and has always been an open space of one sort or another. Therefore, it should be preserved. There are plenty of brownfield sites in the city for potential housing developments. A change of use for this space is not justified. It is madness to destroy a green space, which promotes biodiversity and helps to improve air quality and prevent flooding. The council itself states on p34 of the Proposed City Development Plan that it wants to “utilise brownfield sites in preference to greenfield sites”. Good idea.

3. The area around the Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St green space is already overcrowded. Most of the local accommodation is flats, and so the area is already very densely populated with a great many cars. There isn’t room for 100 more housing units and the extra vehicles they will bring.

4. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area is an important local amenity. Many people in the area live in flats and don’t have much of a garden. In particular, there is almost no garden space in the Wyndford. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area provides a green space for local people to relax and socialise, and is an important play area for children.

5. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area promotes community cohesion and enriches lives. There is a strong community group associated with this area. The group has transformed the area and puts on numerous events that are very well attended by local people. In particular, there are a lot of events for small children. These allow the children to engage with the outdoors in ways that otherwise would not be possible. The area also brings adults together from all social backgrounds, meaning that people in the area know one another. This makes the area safer and more friendly, and promotes a sense of community.

6. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area provides an opportunity for people to grow their own food in raised bed allotments and learn about environmentally friendly processes such as composting. This helps to alleviate the allotment shortage in Glasgow at a time when the Scottish Government is committed to supporting allotments and ‘grow your own’ spaces. Providing city dwellers with adequate allotment space is important, because allotment use strengthens communities and helps to promote healthy eating in the face of a worsening obesity crisis.

7. The Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area has historic significance because it was once playing fields for the local school and because of the investment the local community has made in it, not just over the past five through the North Kelvin Meadow campaign, but before that too. It is one of those quirky, unusual places that makes a city. It is therefore against the council’s own policies to destroy it. According to p51 of the Proposed City Development Plan: “The council is unlikely to support development that would have a negative impact on the historic environment.” Another good idea.

8. Local people are overwhelmingly against the development, as turnout at meetings and signatures on petitions have shown. There has never been a proper consultation with local people. This contravenes the council’s own guidelines as set out in the Proposed City Development Plan. On page 6, it says that: “The Plan has taken into account the comments received from organizations, local communities and individuals in response to the Key Issues and Options set out in the Main Issues Report.” In the the case of the Sanda St / Kelbourne St / Clouston St area this is simply not true.

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