West End Festival Programme

The North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood are part of the West End Festival this year. First event is our Gala which is on Sunday 2nd June 2013 between 10am – 4pm. If you can help out during these events do let us know and ofcourse please do come and just enjoy whats on!

Update after the event: What a great day! Difficult to know how many people but it was something like 700 or so. Very family friendly, a great vibe and once again shows the land of to so many. Its really quite unique.

Gala June 2013 Programme

Some of the jobs we need volunteers for:
1. “Dog stewards” – this will involved directing people with dogs to the Dog V.I.P area and help show people where to go for the Dog show. Ideally someone dog friendly.
2. A strong person (or two) to help with Wheelbarrow rides for children. We need a few people to share the load, possibly doing short slots each.
3. Face painting
4. Welcoming people at the entrance – letting people know what’s on and where, possibly handing out a programme or flyer
5. HOME BAKING! – which we’ll sell to help to cover the costs of the day. Always needed, always goes down well! 🙂
6. Help with the Gala Tent Programme – this will involve supporting a smooth tent schedule.
7. Make bunting – we’ll need this before Thursday 30th
8. Setting things up and taking things away e.g tables, tarp, rubbish etc

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