Still no Planning Application

It’s now May and, so far, we have not seen a planning application from New City Vision. According to the developers’ web site they are still working on their submission to the Council.

Please be assured that we will let you know the moment we hear anything about the planning application.

Meanwhile, the Meadow is looking really beautiful. The extended sun we have had over the last week or so has really shown the land in a great light.

Here’s a video we shot on the very sunny North Kelvin Meadow today:

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2 Responses to Still no Planning Application

  1. Andy says:

    I think there’s a yellow and purple orchid growing next to my half barrel planter. Seems to be very happy. A lot happier than my parched seedlings.

  2. Lisa Wesley says:

    Hi Andy
    Sounds interesting?!
    Is it possible to send me a photo of the plant to my email address to identify it for you. Anything to create interest to stop the developers …
    Lisa growild

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