It’s time to write!

As you will see from the recent posts here on the website, there is a lot going on around the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign. With the developer moving quickly to gain Planning Permission to build flats on the Meadow, now is the time for us to ask for your help by writing or emailing a letter or two. The developer as per their public meeting on 12 th Feb state they want to build 90 flats now. We urge you to write to them now objecting to this as per below. YOUR emails count!!

How you can help
If you are only going to write ONE letter of protest about the development, you should hold fire and write it once the developer has put in the planning application, which will probably be in late March or April 2011. This is the process where they submit their plans to the Council, and if these get approved they’ll start to build. That is the time when you can write to the Council with your objections to the development. The Council have to take account of your objection letter. We’ll be in touch again once they put in the planning application and tell you who to write to etc for that part.

However, if you’ve got enough time to write TWO letters, you can write one NOW (to the proposed Private Developer, New City Vision Ltd) as well. It’s your chance to say anything you like about why you don’t like the developer’s plans. Its up to you, but it don’t feel it has to be a long letter, just get your points over.

New City Vision Ltd will have to report any letters that they receive in their report on the community consultation process that they have to submit to the Council as part of the planning application. A letter of objection won’t count for as much now, but it will still make an impression about the strength of feeling in the community.

We can think of loads of reasons you might want to object, and we’re sure you can think of many more, but some issues you might want to raise include:

  • The fact that the ground is a greenfield site, NOT a brownfield site – it’s NEVER been covered with buildings before. Its always been used for the good of the community.
  • The impact of the development on your property and family (noise, mess, light, congestion, parking and house price)
  • It’s a very high-density development that doesn’t fit with the character of the area. Some of the flats go up 6 story! Which is completly out of keeping with existing tenaments.
  • The development will take place in an area that will soon become part of a conservation area. Also this isn’t the only development in the wider area, the West End is busy enough without building more!
  • The loss of a place that you and your neighbours currently use for relaxing / walking the dog / growing veg / playing / picnics / community events and generally enjoying the Meadow etc
  • How a development will ruin a true community initiative that’s built up around the Meadow. One that’s won awards from Beautiful Scotland two years in a row.
  • With high tenements in this area and more planned in the wider area, building on this land is no legacy to leave our children. They play here, go and build on a brown field site.
  • Any objections you have about how the community consultation process is being run.

If you write a letter now, please address it to:

Steven Black, Project Manager
New City Vision Ltd
13 Newton Place
G3 7PR

Or email:

It would be great if you could also send us a copy if you’re emailing it:
cc to:,
Plus cc the New City Vision Ltd Planning Consultant Nick Wright too:

You can also write to your Politicians, Councillors, local Community Council and anyone else you know to make your views know. Their contact details are listed here.

Display a poster
Finally, it be great if you could download and print our new poster and stick it in your window so that everyone can see how you feel!

Writing though is the main thing.

Thank you all very much for your continued support!

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