Jamie Oliver Article in the Paper

Interesting article which relates closely with what we’re doing here at the North Kelvin Meadow. Click here to read it in full.

Extract: “The television presenter and author said people need to ‘get noisy’ and force councils to convert unused land like disused car parks or building sites into new plots.Nothing seems to happen in this country any more unless you’re a bit renegade about it,” he said. “If gardeners want more plots they should all get together. It was the same with my campaign for school dinners.People thought their voice couldn’t make a difference. But the minute people got together, things started to happen.” Mr Oliver said councils that drag their feet could be breaking the law “There is an old law which states that if there is civic land that’s not being used, and all allotments are full, then they must hand it over,” he said. “Councils have a lot to deal with. So gardeners need to shout loud and clear.”

He’s opening a restaurant at G1 off George Square in July 2010, so perhaps he’ll lend support to us?

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