The Big Lunch 1pm Sunday 19th July 2009

Throughout the UK there will be Big Lunches (7200 at the latest count) on Sunday 19th July at 1pm. So we’re planning on having ours as well! Lucky for us we have the Meadow aka that ground beside Clouston , Sanda and Kelbourne Streets.

What’s the Big Lunch I hear you ask? Well its just a chance to “break bread” with your neighbours and local residents that live in the streets near to the North Kelvin Meadow basically. So do come along, join in and have lunch. The only thing is…… as this is a local community event its up to you to do the lunch! So if you have any portable tables and chairs do bring them (if not don’t worry as am sure there will be enough) we’ll put them in the middle where the grass is short (picnic style with rug is also good). Bring some food and drink to share. Thats it really – oh and get set to meet your neighbours!

Have a look at the big lunch web site for further information. They have some great videos etc that tell people more on the “why”.

Even if you only have time to come along for a short time do come.

If you’d like to help more, have ideas etc then do email us at

See you then!

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1 Response to The Big Lunch 1pm Sunday 19th July 2009

  1. northkelvinmeadow says:

Imagine on one day of the year, in every home across the nation, we all got up with a single purpose in mind. We are going to have lunch outside, on the street, with our neighbours. We will have prepared it ourselves. We will be doing our thing: a bring-your-own, open-air party for 61 million people.
We are calling it simply The Big Lunch: a day – Sunday, July 19 – when, for four glorious hours, cars will stop, wardens will stop, egos will stop and Britain will come together in the street to meet, greet, share, sing, dance, play and laugh for no reason other than we all well need to.”

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