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In The Herald (magazine) this weekend 27th June 09. We are registered with Landshare and are getting quite a few enquires. In the Evening Times last Monday and we’re in the Big Issue as well. Pressure continues to be brought to bear on Glasgow Council to listen to the local people on not selling this land for 115 flats. Keep it up folks!!

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2 Responses to The Herald

  1. Gordon says:

    I have just found out about your project through the landshare website. I have signed the petition and left a strong comment.

    I am from Helensburgh and as far as I know there is nothing like this in my area but I wish you all the best and hope you can keep the council at bay. Perhaps if this is a success story then other councils may follow suit.

  2. Stuart M says:

    From the Herald article:

    Jim Mackechnie, the councillor for the area, has said: “I am afraid I do not believe allotments would add to the amenity of the locality. They would be visually unattractive…There is no trespass law in Scotland, but trespassing is what these people are doing. They should not be there.”

    This quote is ridiculous considering the demand for allotments in Glasgow and the fact the council has let this land become run-down since the 1970s. He appears to be both against allotments and positive community initiative.

    The Clean Glasgow council campaign aims to ‘make our city and every neighbourhood within it a cleaner, safer place’. It strikes me that those striving towards this goal should not be accused of a non-existent trespassing law.

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