URGENT ACTION NEEDED – sale of land imminent!

Hi all

We’re now at a crucial stage of the Campaign as Glasgow City Council plans to sell the land to a private property developer New City Vision to build 115 flats, and this sale is imminent. We had thought in this dire property market this would be the worse time to sell this land but it appears the Council are wanting to carry on regardless.

Local people feel very strongly that the land should remain a green community space and do not want flats on the land.

The Campaign to save the land started about a year ago and since then much work has been done by local residents. We started with picking up the litter (that first pick up had about 60 black bags!), we then planted bulbs, installed a rubbish bin, installed 3 compost bins for the local people, planted raspberry and blackberry bushes along with apples trees in what is the beginning of a community orchard (the resultant fruit would be available for all local people), sowed wild flowering meadow seed in the centre, put doors and shutters on the brick building to make it into a store room and secured it from having been a drinking and drug den before, people bought raised beds and half barrels to grow vegetables for themselves and their families in what is the allotment area, we gained access into the wood area by cutting some of the netting down, painted some of the structures on the land and generally gave the place some much needed tlc !

And as we did more of this, more people started making use of the land (they also started caring for it, so there is less litter now). People started having picnics, students studied, kids played and made tree houses and generally people used it to chill out and relax in.

However the sale is imminent and it is imperative that we act NOW to save this land for the local community.

Things to do:

Sign the Petition – see news item below.
Write to your local MP Anne Mckechin (see her website http://www.annmckechinmp.net )
Write to our 4 local councillors – see their contact details in this website.
Write to the Director of Development and Regeneration Services steve.inch@drs.glasgow.gov.uk
Use the webiste http://www.writetothem.com to find out who else to write to.
Perhaps you know of someone that can help? If so write to them as well.
Help us with the campagin. It doesn’t need to be much, just email us at northkelvinmeadow@googlemail.com and let us know your available to help out if you can.

We’ll soon update the website with a standard letter that you may find helpful to use.

Once the land is gone its gone forever!

So this is your opportunity to help the local people keep this land as a community space for generations to come.

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1 Response to URGENT ACTION NEEDED – sale of land imminent!

  1. Christine Hamilton says:

    I use this meadow to run in the morning. I wouldn’t feel safe running in the park.

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