Great turnout last Sunday 3rd May

Just to say “Thanks” to all that turned out last Sunday 3rd May (19 people).

We dug up the soil in the middle of the land and sowed wild flowering meadow seed. Heres hoping it takes and grows! Wild meadows tend to take 2 years to get going so we’ll need to have patience. Our two resident architects built a compost bin out of pallets in the far corner – thanks guys. We planted 3 raspberry and 3 Blackberry bushes beside the Kelbourne Street side – this is the community orchard. And adds to the apple tree and other fruit bushes already there. Bulb planting went on all over the place which was good to see – the more the better. Believe some sunflowers as well were sowed – although a mouse was seen having a nosey so hope there OK! Others wandered around and picked up litter – thanks to the one who picked up the litter in the old building as am sure it wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks.

Next time your down have a wander through the Wood (beside Sanda Street) its looking quite good.

All in all a great day was had.

See you at the next one (TBA).

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1 Response to Great turnout last Sunday 3rd May

  1. John Walsh says:

    The Council are also doing this to the “Back Park” in Cathcart. They financially devalued the land by designating it as greenspace then bought it by compulsory purchase order from a builder (much against his will) for buttons. In the resultant Public Local Enquiry they promised to invest in a community space.

    Instead they neglected the ground for years then re-designated back for housing thus vastly increasing its value. They are now seeking to do a multi million pound deal for housing with a new developer. This is legalised dishonesty.

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