Growing North Kelvin Meadow


We we are having problems updating the Growing North Kelvin Meadow Facebook page due to a change in authorisation of who can update it but hopefully that will be solved soon.

Growing North Kelvin Meadow is the group thats tends the 4 large Community Raised beds.

Your very welcome to get involved!

First of all go and have a look , read the notice board behind the two raised beds and see if thats something your interested in. It really is easy and it be great to get a few more people invloved – its good healthy fun too. There is also some volunteering needed to maintain the orchard along Kelbourne street as you’ll see the grass is right up against the fruit trees. Basically we just need people to put a mulch of compost around the base of each tree and fruit bush which gives some space for it to grow. Eventually once they get bigger they will shade out the grass but at the moment they are too young.

Need help maintaining the compost bins , so if thats somethng your interested in do get in touch. Basically the work here is about giving them a good stir, figuring out which ones need more brown or green material etc.

Much of this is about giving yourself an excuse to get out your flat and get some fresh air on the meadow; do some light exercise and get your fingers a little green 🙂 Huge benefits in reducing stress, meet a few people, give something back to this community and perhaps learn a few new things too Oh and there is tasty veg and fruit to eat at the end!

Want to rent a raised bed?

If so just ask! Normally they come available at the beginning of the year. But people do come and go during the year sometimes.


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