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In September 2017 we’ve given the meadow a cut. This is needed to keep the meadow going as without it biodiversity would be decreased. Grass normally outcompetes flowers. Meadows need poor soil so as the slow growing flowers get enough chance to get away from the fast growing grass. Lucky for us our is a poor soil, so ideal for a meadow! However we do have some fast growing grass types on it. Cutting it brings everything back to the same starting height for next year basically.

We also remove the cuttings , once their dried, as we dont want to enrich the meadow areas. Oher areas like in the centre could be enriched as they are well used.

Yellow rattle has been sowed in some of the meadow patches and surrounding grass areas to keep the grass in check and give the flowers a chance. Yellow rattle eats / weakens grass.

Good pratice has been followed by only doing part of the meadow. Two reasons:

  1. The bugs, insects and wildlife that had been using the meadow thats now cut can move next door to the uncut part and make their home there.
  2. The uncut patches act as a control zone, so as we can all check against the part we’ve done. Just like in a scientific experiment.

In August 2017 we put in an application for funding for our orchard. It’s already well used and benefits so many but if we are successful this will help us develop it further. We are going to try to mange the orchard and meadow as one. Both benefit each other after all.

On 21st December 2016, the Scottish Ministers have delivered their verdict and backed the decision by the Reporter Mr Cunliffe that the planning housing application by New City Vision Ltd be refused. This is a huge decision and means this land is saved for this and future generations! Goodness that sounds good to hear!

The government Reporter Mr Cuncliffe highlighted that the land delivers a different type of green open space provision than what’s in the area currently. He stated the Council’s decision to sell it off for housing wouldn’t comply with policies that seek to protect open space and that selling it for housing would also be inconsistent with policy that’s there to protect trees and biodiversity.

Douglas Peacock, spokesperson for North Kelvin Meadow, said today ” Scottish Ministers have made the right decision, as it supports a heathlier community for young and old alike, it also backs a community having its say on what happens within their area. There are some good well worded planning policy out there, the problem’s been that when it comes to crunch time the decision often goes the way of the property developer and against green space that benefits communities. Not this time though! ”

It’s been officially 8 years of a long and hard fight getting to this decision. And so there needs to be a huge thanks given to all those that have stuck in there and helped the campaign ,plus people , animals and wildlife that use the land. Special thanks to all those people in The Children Wood putting on their events, the dog walkers being there and helping when it counts, plus the various individuals such as Jim Divers that have given their time over such along period.

This isn’t the end though. We’re here today from the support of the local community and our success going forward will be whether we can keep that going by maintaining the land and helping it benefit all in our community.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Second Reporter.

There was a public hearing on the NCV Ltd Planning appliation conducted by the Scottish Government Reporter Mr Michael Cuncliffe on the 6th and 7th Sept 2016.

He asked for evidence on a few topics and will now write up his report for The Scottish Government Minister Angela Constance by mid Oct 2016. After which the Minister will make the decsion on whether the land should be bulldozed for top end luxury or remain as an awarding winning asset for this and future generation to benfit from.


Posted 22nd June 2016

Significant news and its brilliant !!

There are basically two government appointed people (the role is called a Reporter) coming to a conclusion on whether the land should be sold for housing or saved. We’ve been informed today that the first one has concluded that the land should NOT be sold for housing. We’ve waited a very long time for this and it’s a great result! So well done all that have been campaigning and helping the land over the years. Some background on this decision: Glasgow City Council proposed a new City Development Plan (which all planning applications refer to) back in 2012, and loads of us objected to them labeling the land for housing. The Scottish Government appointed a Reporter to decide on those areas the public wanted something very different from the Council. Today the Reporter sided with you the people 🙂

Ok lets get some context on this. Yesterday the second Reporter that’s been appointed said they would be having a public hearing and we will be heard at that in due course. That is to determine the planning application from New City Vision Ltd. The decision today is based what the land should be labeled as in the forthcoming City Development Plan. In short you’d expect both Reporters to come to the same conclusion, as they both will be looking at the same facts. But ofcourse lets not count our chickens just yet! 🙂 We and others will be making as strong a case as ever at the forthcoming hearing. If you’d like to get involved with any aspect of managing the land or the campaign then do email in and let us know, we still need all the help we can get. But this goes down as a great landmark day!

Overall conclusions (copied from Government document and available on Council website)

I recognise that the development of this site for housing would make a contribution towards meeting the shortfall in the provision of land for new housing in the City, which we have identified as a deficiency in the Proposed Plan in Issue 17. However, the land at Clouston Street is a highly valued open space which is well used and maintained by the local community, and which should continue to be safeguarded for that purpose. Its development for housing would be in conflict with planning policies which seek to protect such areas. I have therefore decided to modify the Proposed Plan by deleting Housing Proposal H023.

Since the Proposed Plan does not designate open spaces I am unable to formally designate the site as an open space. It will be a matter for the council to reflect the outcome of this examination in its review of its Open Space Map, and in its Open Space Strategy (see Issue 6).

Reporter’s recommendations:

Modify the Proposed Plan by deleting Housing Proposal H023.


NEWS: The Scottish Government appoint a person to review the decision where Glasgow City Council has zoned the North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood for housing rather than open community green space which is what so many people have asked it be formally zoned as.

“It definitely looks like green space and is definitely being used as greenpsace and has been for decades”.

FURTHER DETAILS: Glasgow City Council (GCC) has a document called the City Plan that lasts 5 years which details what land is zoned for within Glasgow. We’re currently in City Plan 2 and have given are views on what should be contained in the forthcoming City Plan 3 for the North Kelvin Meadow and the Children Wood.

Its policy that the Council ask people’s views on this zoning as it could directly affect them and better decisions are made when asking the people that live in an area what they think.

Unfortunately what the Council have done is stuck to the same zoning as they had for this land as before i.e. housing. Many hundreds of people wrote in and explained in detail (see below for many of the points) why this land be zoned as an open green space. So far their views haven’t been taken account of, nor have they been told why the points they have made weren’t valid.

The Scottish Government has now stepped in and appointed a person (Timothy Brian) to review what has happened here and report back to the Scottish Government.

This is important as the Council owns the land, owns the planning dept, and will benefit by the sale proceeds. We need someone independent that can review this. They also don’t have any policy stating they should be selling of this land if its being used by local people for any open space activities. In other words they are simply selling it off for the money. And while there is nothing wrong in the council selling of city assets for money , there is for this type of land. As their policies actually state they should be supporting the land and the people managing it , not wanting to destory it.

To help show the Scottish Government appointed person (Timonthy Brian) the strength of feeling that people would like this land kept as it is and not sold off for housing we have started a petition. Please sign it below and forward to your friends and famly.

Thank You!


As at 29th June 2015…….so what happens now then, is what people are asking us?

Well the Planning Officer Ian Briggs lists all the comments to the planning application and presents them to the Planning Committee. They meet monthly and we don’t know which meeting will be related to the land yet. This Committee is made up of Councillors and will vote on whether to give planning permission to New City Vison Ltd or not. If they do, it goes before all Councillors in Glasgow City Council (GCC) for them to vote on whether they agee or not. If they also want it sold off then we expect it will be “called in” to the Scottish Government Minister who will appoint a person to review this decision and they may overturn it (fingers crossed!). The reason for that is the Council own the land, the planning committee and get the benefit for selling i.e. the money, so the Scottish Government role is to be impartial and see if they have followed their own policy etc.

The good news is the Scottish Government has already written to GCC warning them they may call it in, plus the government via its MSPs, MP, including the First Minister Nicola Strugeon have been vocal in supporting the North Kelvin Meadow and the Children Wood over this last 7 years, so its hoped they would overturn it if it got to that stage (see latest news for more on that).


We have been told that the Council will send letters out to locals living round the North Kelvin Meadow on about 4th June 2015. The deadline for submissions is 29th June 2015. The Council states it was an admin error on why they hadn’t perviously been sent out. So its now time you sent in your objection letter!

We’d like to stress 4 points:

1. Anyone, anyway can put in an objection to this planning application. The council only target the ones immediately around the meadow for postage cost purposes. We can all have our say though – and should! Be sure to quote the planning application ref number which is 12/00924/DC further describtion: Site At Kelbourne Street/Sanda Street/Clouston Street Planning Application 12/00924/DC “Erection of residential development with associated parking, landscaping and vehicular access and demolition of existing structures (additional submissions).”

2. If you objected when the planning application went in the first time back in Dec 2012 that objection still stands. But your free to add to it and send in again as the planning application has slightly changed – it will still destroys the whole land though!

3. Ask others that care about these issues to object. Perhaps your scout, reading or swimming group, plus how about your neighbours, cafe shop etc.

4. There will very soon be a standard objection letter available should you want to use it. We’ll post it up on the site soon.


Spring queens on the wing

Taken from Bumble Bee Conservation 24th April 2015:

“After a long and lonely winter hibernating alone in the soil, spring marks the time of year when new queen bumblebees emerge and establish new nests.

Once a queen has selected her nest site she searches for pollen to bring back to the nest. Here she stays, shivering her muscles to keep her eggs warm as they need to stay at a constant temperature of around 30°C in order to hatch. Once the first larvae (all females, called worker bees) have hatched, the queen has a busy time travelling back and forth to the nest with pollen to feed the larvae. This is why it is vital to have a good supply of pollen-rich flowers in your garden during spring.

After around two weeks, in late spring or early summer, the larvae will form cocoons to grow into adult bumblebees and begin to emerge from the nest. The role of the workers will be to bring pollen back to the nest to help the development of the colony. At this point, the queen will be a rare sight, as she will stay inside the nest.

Male bumblebees don’t appear until later in the summer, but more on that in a future enews! ”

Comment : we have alot of Queen Bumble Bees on the Meadow doing exactly as per above.


STOP PRESS – 16th April 2015. Back in December 2012 New City Vision Ltd (NCV) submitted a planning application to build 90 dwellings on the land. However that application wasn’t deemed to be complete for it to go to the Councils Planning Committee for them to decide on. It was missing items like an Eco survey etc detailing what was on the land. As at 16th April 2015 they have now completed this application. Due to the 2 plus years that have passed, the Council will now open up another consultation period of 28 days, write out again to residents and groups. We await this letter, which once again starts the clock……

Its vitally important as many objections as possible are sent into the Council in that period. Making sure all are sent in the proper manner, to the right address and quoting the right planning application number for example . The good news is we believe it will be under the same application number as Dec 2012 and so existing objections letters will be counted.

To give some context around the time line its now been 7 years since the Council said a planning application would be in front of the Planning Committee to decide on. Back then we were told we were wasting our time clearing up the rubbish from the land, using and managing it and campaigning to keep it. In that time kids have been born that are now happliy climbing the trees and getting the benefits of outdoor excercise in a wild natural green space in the heart of our city. Such is the life of a dog they are now much older but what a time they and their owners have had. The groups that use the land have won many awards, we could go on……..

Its quite unbelievable how the Council can treat a community this way. We still hope for a happy ending but lets make our own luck and get as many objection letters in as we can……once the clock starts. There are also other things we can do …so please see the “How To Lobby” tab for more on that.

We’ll add more here as we get it…….but this is a crucial time so stay in touch and for each of us do our part in trying to save this land.

Link to New City Vision Ltd latest Planning Application:


North Kelvin Meadow 2014 update from newsletter-
The various groups that use the land have all got off to another busy start for the year. This time of year also tends to be the busiest for maintaining the land as we plant up ready for the summer. Five new patches on the far side of the meadow have been turned over and wild flower meadow seed sown. The plan is shortly to sow wildflower friendly grass seed in the middle muddy area following the public consultation on the temporary fence. Finances are showing an unhealthy overdrawn balance of some £-540 currently. See our website for a full update and how to donate.

Volunteers wanted – please contact
Please share this information with your neighbours and friends.


It’s that time again to Plant bulbs on the Meadow!
Each year we have planted bulbs on the Meadow. So we’re keen on doing the same this year. We’ll be having a Bulb Planting events as usual on a Sunday at 2-4pm but you may want to do this on your own or with your family and friends. Please just email in for any advice on this activity (it also be good to get some co-ordination in this).

Bees seem to be a topic that many want to talk about this season. We don’t plan on having any hives for honey bees but we do have a few Bumble bee homes. Bumble bees tend to live in the ground. Would you like to help make a bumble bee home? Its much easier than you think!


There has been a host of Children events in 2013 and lots more in the pipeline. One the largest ones was being part of the West End Festival and the Gala day on Sunday 2nd June 2013. Plus recently a very successful Bake Off event that was held on 22nd Sept 2013. A bunch of nurseries use the land regularly and local schools too. We do need more people to help out running, doing the setup and clearing up after these events – so even if you can do just a little, do take that step forward – you’ll have a great time knowing you have put something back into our community!

Forest School Club. These sessions are led by a qualified Forest School Practitioner. See the good people at the for session times, updates and for registration. This activity is subject to us getting funding which we are having difficulty getting due to the Council refusing to give a “letter of comfort” to any grant funders regarding our activities on the land. Surely this is just wrong! Any help on trying to get the Council to change their mind on this would be much appreciated!

Playgroup – held weekly on a Wednesday 10-12pm. For more details contact Emily at Children’s Wood web site: www.

Wine tasting (DONE) – (was a great success and here hoping Willie organizes another one!!) to drum up support how about coming to a wine tasting evening at The Scout Hall opposite the land 8-10pm on Friday 27th Sept 2013. Hosted by Willie. Tickets £10 from Children Wood.

Halloween event – 31st Oct 2013 between 4-8pm. Lightning up the meadow with fairy lights, Tam Dean Burn , Emma Schad and Andy Alston to perform storytelling, lantern parade and much more……..see Children Wood for details.

Bulb Planting event – Autumn 2013, more details in due course.

Cairngorm Reindeer Parade – Friday 13th December 2013 between 4-8pm with local schools. Parade starts at 4pm. Christmas crafts for kids, post a letter to Santa, mince pies, plus much more!

Robert Burns – Jan 2014, more details in due course.

West End Festival Programme – June 2014, more details in due course.

Commonwealth games programme – July 2014, more details in due course.

General volunteering in keeping the North Kelvin Meadow litter free and helping out with various activities. To try to get some co-ordination in all this please do keep in touch with us on what your doing.

Please email in any suggestions and feedback you may have.

As referred to before it’s been 5+ years of concerted action to save this land. Countless number of people have helped in this. So Thank You and let’s keep the pressure on the Council to change their mind and so keep this land for this and future generations.


Pervious “Old” Events

West End Festival comes to North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood
First Event is our Gala on Sunday 2nd June 2013 between 10am – 4pm

Saturday 15th June 10.30 -12.30pm and 2pm – 4pm Little Red Riding Hood read by Larl Don

Sunday 16th June 10.30 – 12pm Tales from Acorn Wood read by Tam Dean Burn
2pm – 3.30pm The Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child read by Tam Dean Burn

Sunday 30th June 1.30pm -3.30pm Just so Stories read by Alasdair Gray
Hans Christian Anderson read by Alasdair Gray

Some previous events

Just loads 🙂
Sorry we didn’t keep this uptodate.

Monday 16 December 12:00 noon
Tam Dean Burn reading the Stickman at George Square, Glasgow

Tam will be reading the Stickman at 12pm on Monday in George Square. More info at:

26 January 2013
The Little House of La on the meadow
More info at:

Wednesday, 31 October
Halloween event in the Children’s Wood

Room on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson performed by Tam Dean Burn. Julia supports the campaign to save the land.

Sunday, 23 September
Creature Features from band, The House of La

The Children’s Wood hosted world premiere performance from the children’s band The House of La. Their ‘Creature Features’ got the adults and children jigging.

Sunday, 23 September
Volunteer event

For all to help in looking after the land. Activities such as litter picking and removing any abandoned items, compost stirring, some grass cutting where we sowed wild flowers earlier in the year, fence repairing and of course some much needed tea, coffee and hopefully some lemon drizzle cake! Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare please do come along.

Thursday, 6 September and every Thursday thereafter, 1-3pm.
Forest School

Susan Byrne, is started a Forest School Club. More info at:

Sunday 2 September
Children in Nature Festival

Nature workshops across North Kelvin Meadow for all of the family, run by the Woodland Trust and others. There was also Nature Song and a Story marquee. Tam Dean Burn performed some of Julia Donaldson’s songs and read the very special Harry Horse book A Friend for Little Bear.

Thursday, 30 August
Forest School Club Taster session

Forest School Practitioner Susan Byrne started a Forest School club for 3-6 year olds on Thursday afternoons. Come and enjoy a taster session on the Meadow. More info at:

Sunday 19 August
North Kelvin Big Lunch

North Kelvin Community Council and North Kelvin Meadow are jointly organised a Big Lunch for the people of North Kelvinside area. We shared food, met our neighbours and enjoyed a great picnic.

12 August 2012
Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man reading

Read by Tam Dean Burn, with Stick Man music plus more

15 July 2012
Enough’s enough! ditch the stuff

The North Kelvin Meadow was host to this event discussing children and materialism.

24 June 2012
Gruffalo’s Child

Tam Dean Burn returned to reprise his storyteller role. This time everyone heard the Story of the Gruffalo’s Child.

9 June 2012
Friends of the River Kelvin Summer Gala

North Kelvin Meadow had a stall at the Friends of the River Kelvin‘s annual gala. It is always a fun day out and our campaign volunteers met many new faces and spread the word about the threat to the Meadow.

3 June 2012
The Gruffalo in the Children’s Wood read by Tam Dean Burn

5 December 2010
Bulb planting event

18 July 2010
The Big Lunch community picnic

19 July 2009
The Big Lunch community picnic


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