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Your representations are needed now against the Proposed City Development Plan labeling the land as for Housing development. See tabe “Proposed City Development Plan for Consultation ” to have your say.

Growing North Kelvin Meadow volunteer sessions every Sunday 2 – 4pm . Please come down and get involved in the Community Raised Beds, Orchard, flower planting and composting.
Meadow Maintenance volunteer sessions with Davie on a Thursday afternoon bewteen 2 – 4pm. Davie is on placement from the University and here to help us out. Various jobs each week such as bird box making, flower planting and hedge trimming etc.

Newsletter Bulletin – April 2014

Spring Clean: The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow have arranged for a Community Clean up on the NKM site and adjacent streets for Sunday the 27 April from 11am to 2pm. Community Safety Services are providing a skip which can also be used by participating residents to get rid of unwanted household clutter, not fridges or bulky items please. Refuse Bags and gloves will be provided. This is a Community Clean up event and we invite you to help out. Meet at the Shed in the Meadow at 11am. This is a chance to clean up the site but your street as well and tidy the hoose! Refreshments will be provided.

Dog Fouling: We applaud the efforts of the majority of dog walkers to proactively clear up messes left by the minority, as well as their own dogs. In an attempt to address the issue of the minority we have asked Community Safety Services for help. This is a public health issue, not just of nuisance value, we need to treat this with not just disgust but try to effect a change in behaviour. Community Safety Services will now visit the site – without warning – and will fine those in charge of aberrant dogs £40. We would of course much prefer that owners take responsibility for picking up their dog’s waste as the majority do but unfortunately a minority don’t. Signs have had limited impact notwithstanding the provision of doggy disposal bags and bins. It is an offence under the 2003 Act with fixed penalty not to clean up after your dog. The biggest threat to public health from dog excrement is toxocariasis – an infection of the roundworm toxocara canis. Symptoms include eye disorders, vague ache, dizziness, nausea, asthma and, in extremely rare cases, seizures/fits. In particular it is extremely dangerous to pregnant women, children and the elderly. Thank you again to the majority.
What you can do:
-If you feel safe, politely but firmly encourage guilty owners you meet to clear up after their dog. Offer them one of your
bags if you happen to be carrying spares
. – If you don’t feel that you can approach someone, contact the Council on 287 1058 or email or contact us, see websites below, to report an incident or an area where you encounter dog fouling.
– Encourage folk not to tie full pooh bags to the trees or fence, as magpies take great glee in opening them up and spread the contents .Ask
them to use the bins

The Children’s Wood Project
Great News! The Children’s Wood is a joint winner of the Greener Together Awards 2014. There will be a wooden plaque designed by Scottish artist Kate Ives, arriving to the Children’s Wood very soon. The award recognises all of our efforts to create a greener and more sustainable future for this area. Well done everyone, and thank you for your continued support.
We have many events coming up soon, including the upcoming West-end Festival in June and our work with 14 local schools: Every Saturday Outdoor Learning Club, 10-12pm. The classes encourage children to build dens, work with tools and play and learn outside. All leaders are qualified in some level of Forest School Training. FREE. Every Wednesday – Outdoor playgroup, 10-12pm. All ages of children are welcome to join our Scottish Pre School Play Association a registered parent led playgroup, £1 to pay this includes a snack; On May 4th 11-2pm.a Freecycle event, bring along and take away for free. Free is the act of giving away, good quality, good condition usable items – and giving them a second life. Age range: infant to teens in Kelbourne Street Scout Hall. There will be family yoga in the Children’s Wood at 1pm.too. We’ll be collecting for the Maryhill food bank, so please bring along tins, jars, packets and beverages – see the event flyer on our website for more information. All goods can be dropped off from 9:30am.
Want to help your meadow and wood?
We need volunteers to help with running community and schools events. We want to hear from any older people who would like to get involved with running activities which encourage cross generational activity. Do you have experience of managing woodland? if so, we’d like to hear from you. Or, please get in touch with any ideas or feedback. The Children’s Wood Project Committee recognises it needs to reflect community aspiration in its activities but also address issues and concerns timeously. To further this we intend to insert a new consultative section in our website headed “Friends of the Children’s Wood Project.” In that section we will seek ideas, opinion, concern and complaint. We want to consult community about our activities on the meadow and meet community aspiration resolving any difficulties which might arise. We are considering a membership idea for the project. Meantime please do not hesitate to express your views and concerns. It is important that community wishes which reflect the Wild Space identity within the Meadow are promoted. We want, and need a system of robust, consultative governance supported by regular news bulletins meantime do email us at until the new section is in place.

North Kelvin Meadow -
The various groups that use the land have all got off to another busy start for the year. This time of year also tends to be the busiest for maintaining the land as we plant up ready for the summer. Five new patches on the far side of the meadow have been turned over and wild flower meadow seed sown. The plan is shortly to sow wildflower friendly grass seed in the middle muddy area following the public consultation on the temporary fence. Finances are showing an unhealthy overdrawn balance of some £-540 currently. See our website for a full update and how to donate.

Volunteers wanted – please contact
Please share this bulletin also on website with neighbours and friends.


It’s that time again to Plant bulbs on the Meadow!
Each year we have planted bulbs on the Meadow. So we’re keen on doing the same this year. We’ll be having a Bulb Planting events as usual on a Sunday at 2-4pm but you may want to do this on your own or with your family and friends. Please just email in for any advice on this activity (it also be good to get some co-ordination in this).

Bees seem to be a topic that many want to talk about this season. We don’t plan on having any hives for honey bees but we do have a few Bumble bee homes. Bumble bees tend to live in the ground. Would you like to help make a bumble bee home? Its much easier than you think!


There has been a host of Children events in 2013 and lots more in the pipeline. One the largest ones was being part of the West End Festival and the Gala day on Sunday 2nd June 2013. Plus recently a very successful Bake Off event that was held on 22nd Sept 2013. A bunch of nurseries use the land regularly and local schools too. We do need more people to help out running, doing the setup and clearing up after these events – so even if you can do just a little, do take that step forward – you’ll have a great time knowing you have put something back into our community!

Forest School Club. These sessions are led by a qualified Forest School Practitioner. See the good people at the for session times, updates and for registration. This activity is subject to us getting funding which we are having difficulty getting due to the Council refusing to give a “letter of comfort” to any grant funders regarding our activities on the land. Surely this is just wrong! Any help on trying to get the Council to change their mind on this would be much appreciated!

Playgroup – held weekly on a Wednesday 10-12pm. For more details contact Emily at Children’s Wood web site: www.

Wine tasting (DONE) – (was a great success and here hoping Willie organizes another one!!) to drum up support how about coming to a wine tasting evening at The Scout Hall opposite the land 8-10pm on Friday 27th Sept 2013. Hosted by Willie. Tickets £10 from Children Wood.

Halloween event – 31st Oct 2013 between 4-8pm. Lightning up the meadow with fairy lights, Tam Dean Burn , Emma Schad and Andy Alston to perform storytelling, lantern parade and much more……..see Children Wood for details.

Bulb Planting event – Autumn 2013, more details in due course.

Cairngorm Reindeer Parade – Friday 13th December 2013 between 4-8pm with local schools. Parade starts at 4pm. Christmas crafts for kids, post a letter to Santa, mince pies, plus much more!

Robert Burns – Jan 2014, more details in due course.

West End Festival Programme – June 2014, more details in due course.

Commonwealth games programme – July 2014, more details in due course.

General volunteering in keeping the North Kelvin Meadow litter free and helping out with various activities. To try to get some co-ordination in all this please do keep in touch with us on what your doing.

Please email in any suggestions and feedback you may have.

As referred to before it’s been 5+ years of concerted action to save this land. Countless number of people have helped in this. So Thank You and let’s keep the pressure on the Council to change their mind and so keep this land for this and future generations.


Pervious “Old” Events

West End Festival comes to North Kelvin Meadow and The Children Wood
First Event is our Gala on Sunday 2nd June 2013 between 10am – 4pm

Saturday 15th June 10.30 -12.30pm and 2pm – 4pm Little Red Riding Hood read by Larl Don

Sunday 16th June 10.30 – 12pm Tales from Acorn Wood read by Tam Dean Burn
2pm – 3.30pm The Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child read by Tam Dean Burn

Sunday 30th June 1.30pm -3.30pm Just so Stories read by Alasdair Gray
Hans Christian Anderson read by Alasdair Gray

Some previous events

Just loads :)
Sorry we didn’t keep this uptodate.

Monday 16 December 12:00 noon
Tam Dean Burn reading the Stickman at George Square, Glasgow

Tam will be reading the Stickman at 12pm on Monday in George Square. More info at:

26 January 2013
The Little House of La on the meadow
More info at:

Wednesday, 31 October
Halloween event in the Children’s Wood

Room on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson performed by Tam Dean Burn. Julia supports the campaign to save the land.

Sunday, 23 September
Creature Features from band, The House of La

The Children’s Wood hosted world premiere performance from the children’s band The House of La. Their ‘Creature Features’ got the adults and children jigging.

Sunday, 23 September
Volunteer event

For all to help in looking after the land. Activities such as litter picking and removing any abandoned items, compost stirring, some grass cutting where we sowed wild flowers earlier in the year, fence repairing and of course some much needed tea, coffee and hopefully some lemon drizzle cake! Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare please do come along.

Thursday, 6 September and every Thursday thereafter, 1-3pm.
Forest School

Susan Byrne, is started a Forest School Club. More info at:

Sunday 2 September
Children in Nature Festival

Nature workshops across North Kelvin Meadow for all of the family, run by the Woodland Trust and others. There was also Nature Song and a Story marquee. Tam Dean Burn performed some of Julia Donaldson’s songs and read the very special Harry Horse book A Friend for Little Bear.

Thursday, 30 August
Forest School Club Taster session

Forest School Practitioner Susan Byrne started a Forest School club for 3-6 year olds on Thursday afternoons. Come and enjoy a taster session on the Meadow. More info at:

Sunday 19 August
North Kelvin Big Lunch

North Kelvin Community Council and North Kelvin Meadow are jointly organised a Big Lunch for the people of North Kelvinside area. We shared food, met our neighbours and enjoyed a great picnic.

12 August 2012
Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man reading

Read by Tam Dean Burn, with Stick Man music plus more

15 July 2012
Enough’s enough! ditch the stuff

The North Kelvin Meadow was host to this event discussing children and materialism.

24 June 2012
Gruffalo’s Child

Tam Dean Burn returned to reprise his storyteller role. This time everyone heard the Story of the Gruffalo’s Child.

9 June 2012
Friends of the River Kelvin Summer Gala

North Kelvin Meadow had a stall at the Friends of the River Kelvin‘s annual gala. It is always a fun day out and our campaign volunteers met many new faces and spread the word about the threat to the Meadow.

3 June 2012
The Gruffalo in the Children’s Wood read by Tam Dean Burn

5 December 2010
Bulb planting event

18 July 2010
The Big Lunch community picnic

19 July 2009
The Big Lunch community picnic

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